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mother and toddler in bedI know there are a million of articles on great tips for new mothers but I decided that I wanted to add my thoughts on the topic. Becoming a new mother can be overwhelming that sometimes you are not sure what advice you should take and what advice you should leave. I have three tips that I think are very universal for every new mom. I hope you find them useful.

Tip 1: Follow your instincts – You and your baby are so well connected. Take notice to how your baby responds to you and their surroundings. This will aid in their transition into the world.

Tip 2: Take Breaks – This experience is new for you and your baby. Make sure you are surrounded by people you can trust with your child so that you can take a moment and recharge. If you are burnt out you are no good to your baby, let alone yourself.

Tip 3: Enjoy – Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy this new experience because you are so wrapped up in making sure you are doing everything right. Remember this is a learning experience for the both of you so don’t forget to enjoy every laugh, every cry and everything in between.

Motherhood is a challenge and you should experiment with different tips to learn what’s good for you and your baby.

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