Yes y’all, I really did just name this post, “Ma’am I’m threatened by your big booty”, I really did. I did that to prove a point that I am very anxiously excited to get into.

I’m always on the search for new and exciting blogs in the blogosphere and I happen to stumble upon this post titled, “Cock Blocker?” Of course being a fan of interesting phallic-inspired blog titles I had to read it all. Besides the amazing writing skills of this blogger, the story left me feeling ambivalent about the writer’s perception of herself. As much as I felt her pain with not being able to get rid of her bootylicious friend, “Rhianna” on her first date with “Shallow Hal”, I was disappointed with the fact that she was unable to assert herself like her friend did, in order to make the best of the night.

She described her friend as being a boisterous and shallow individual who is the type of chick that gets attention from the opposite sex and not necessarily for her GPA.

“No way can I have this chick meet my date when I’m on a Kelly Rowland level in comparison to her.”

“When this chick comes on the scene, she can take away your shine pretty damn fast.  She’s tall, has a Lena Horne complexion, and red hair that she been rocking looooong before Rihanna even made her first record.”

Growing up I was definitely a certified platinum plus member of the late bloomers club, and even to this day my jovial behind gets carded..You mad?

I’ve always been compared to or had a shapelier relative or friend who was always more mature than I was and for the longest time and even to this day at times, the comparing on some levels ensues. I can relate to the reader because I would feel threatened when the more full bodied friend or relative would get more attention from the opposite sex until one of them almost burst into tears on the phone one day after having yet another relationship dissolve.

“They only see me as a sex object!”

The pain of the big booty chick and all other body type chicks is REAL. We constantly compare ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards and the only person who loses from that in the end is us. Could it be possible that you are desirable just as you are… booty, no booty, sagging breasts,can I hear it for the itty bity committee?

The amount of energy that the writer put into worrying about Rhianna was the same energy that caused her to stick around during the date and ultimately land her another—-whoops I almost gave away the story- GO READ IT!

We all have things we wish were different but ladies I promise you someone is in the corner watching your behind who doesn’t wants a damn thing on you to change…not even the stretch marks.

My point- When we say out loud “Ma’am I am threatened by your big booty” it sounds silly yet some of us are threatened by petty things like another woman’s booty size..let it go!

Hello Beautiful fam, let’s discuss this:

Have you ever been compared to a friend or relative?

Is there a type of woman or man you feel threatened by? Do you believe that most men/women go after a certain body type?

About the author: Telisha Ng is a freelance writer and author of the Goddess Intellect blog from Toronto, Canada. Connect with her on twitter @goddess_I  or send her an email

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