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As moms, I am sure we all can add circus juggler to our resumes. I found this great quote written by Arthur Chandler on juggling. “Juggling, as a 1990’s metaphor, comes to stand for the attempt to attain a state of dynamic equilibrium in which several ongoing commitments are kept in balance through constant effort.”

We are constantly juggling our home life, kids, husbands, jobs and unfortunately there are going to be times when we won’t be able to do everything all the time. Sometimes the laundry won’t get done or we might miss that deadline at work, but it’s what we do after that makes all the difference. I am a true believer that balance does exist and that we can find a way to maintain it, but it’s imperative that we remember that it takes focus and proper timing.

Just like in juggling, if one ball falls all the rest will fall with it but you have to be willing to pick all the balls back up, adjust your approach and try again. Eventually after much practice, experience, consistency and focus you will come to point where you have mastered the art! So moms, please don’t be hard on yourselves because I have definitely been there before but please remember that just like in the art of juggling you can’t learn without dropping a ball or two.

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