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Forget any pre-conceived notions you may have about Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes, when it’s time to fight he’s down for his lady! Gloria was recently called up by a member of rapper Game’s “Black Wall Street” crew on Twitter after he released a photo of Gloria allegedly wearing his hoodie. Immediately, Matt jumped to her rescue and responded to Avante Rose.

Avante’s tweets:

“Smash or Pass …….Can u guess who’s wearing my money gang hoody ??? Hint: #basketballwives.

@GloGovan @Matt_Barnes22 well n—a when yaw was split up yo b—h got f–ked many times in yo house #EndOfThatStory

@Matt_Barnes22 n-gga yo b—h come off tha bench jus like u. Don’t tryda check me check yo h–. n—a I’m hood rich so as long as i can go buy 5 of them ThaNgS I’m good,but err time u look @ yo wife jus kno she got f–ked. better yet u can go f–k all my babymama’s becuz i hate all them b—hes then we will be even.”

Matt Barnes’ tweets:

@avanterose “That’s what snakes do…I’m a real n—a!! Plus when I was single I only f–ked w/ 10s & better, check the track record scrub!!

@avanterose oh you mean one of my houses.. When she was single she was free to do her…Get ya weight up you tryn to live off another n—as shine, U 30 somethen w/ no house and no car..U the biggest #D—RiderNTheClick”

>FTW I luv u @GloGovan now let’s make this sh!t work…

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