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It’s that time again. The original “Basketball Wives” are back for another season and this time, it’s even more drama than before. As shocked as I am to say this, Evelyn and Jennifer, the former dynamic duo and BFF’s are no longer friends! I’m still confused as to why they aren’t friends anymore, and after watching last night’s episode I think I’m even more confused than when the show first started, but hey maybe you can help me understand why these girls are beefin’.

The episode begins with Evelyn meeting her wedding planner to discuss wedding plans.  She tells her wedding planner that she doesn’t want any bridesmaids, and only wants people who have been positive in life since day one at the ceremony. Fair enough.

Enter Jennifer and Suzie who are both in New York for the moment. They meet up and have drinks and of course do a little gossiping. Jenn reveals to Suzie that she hasn’t spoken to Evelyn in a couple months which is odd considering when we last left them they seemed to be getting along  great.

Later, Evelyn meets up with Tami to discuss the same thing, and she too reveals that she hasn’t spoken to Jenn and doesn’t have any intentions to do so. Tami tells Evelyn that she is disappointed to hear this news, but of course Evelyn doesn’t care and just wants Jennifer to “do you girl, do you”.

We are then introduced to a new basketball wife (or ex wife rather), Kesha, who has befriended Royce over their love for dancing. Kesha then takes Royce to meet another friend, Kenya, whom Kesha became friends with when both of their men played in the NBA. Kenya and Kesha haven’t met the other girls yet, and ask Royce’s opinion on everyone. Royce doesn’t give up too much information, and simply tells them “You’ll see.” Way to stay out of drama.

Kenya and Kesha have  a chance to meet with Suzie and Jennifer, and their first impression of Suzie is that she’s a little much and that Jennifer is bougie. When this gets back to Tami, she tells Jennifer, “Jen, you are bougie, girl. It’s not like they were lyin’!” Exactly!

After meeting the new girls, Shaunie, Suzie and Tami devise a plan to try and get Jennifer and Evelyn in the same room together and get them to hash out their problems. Unfortuantely, this little meeting doesn’t go as planned, and Evelyn and Jennifer get into a screaming match over Jennifer’s blog and Evelyn’s spiteful ways. At the end of the screaming match, Jennifer apologizes to Evelyn and tells her that she doesn’t want to be her enemy because they’ve been friends for over a decade and it’s dumb to be enemies with someone. Evelyn’s response? You’re not my friend. You are my enemy. Take your crocodile tears and go talk to your publicist.”


“You’re a mean b*** Evelyn” Tami tells her. Agreed!! SMH

So.. are you Team Evelyn or Team Jennifer?

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