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How is it possible that a retailer as large as Target can figure out that a young woman is pregnant before her own father? We’ll tell you how!

When you shop with certain stores they harvest your information to better enhance your shopping experience and even when you are not shopping they are conjuring up ways to get you to shop! They take an intimate look at the specifications of the items you purchase, ie: scentless soap or large bags of cotton-balls; then draw a conclusion as to why you are searching for these items. After deciphering the search terms, stores like Target will conclude that your are possibly pregnant (or a prude) and all else that applies!

In an (recent) interesting case, Target deemed one young woman pregnant and sent to her home, several coupons which her father intercepted.  The Minneapolis man, angrily demanded to talk to a manager. He accused them of trying to influence his daughter to get pregnant:

“My daughter got this in the mail!” he said. “She’s still in high school, and you’re sending her coupons for baby clothes and cribs? Are you trying to encourage her to get pregnant?” he barked. Turns out, his daughter was actually pregnant and he just didn’t know!

What to take from this? Men if you pay a little more attention, you will find out a world of information!

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