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Grant Hill and Tamia know a love that tests wedding vows. Through sickness and health couldn’t have been more palpable for the two. Four years into their 12 year marriage, Tamia was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis–a disease that affects the spinal cord and brain. No one signs up for a sick partner, but life happens. Having a spouse who’s ready to ride with you through it all is what we all hope for.

Why She Loves Him: “It is, it is the little everyday things. It’s the watching him interact with our kids and I come home, and I want to take a bath, and he goes and grabs the kids. It’s those things that are wonderful. The big things are good too!! I am not hating on the big things- but it is those little things that matter.”

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Why He Loves Her: Grant loves Tamia’s resiliency despite everything they’ve been through. “There are so many qualities to love about my wife, but I think her strength is the main thing.”

Why They Work: They fight. Not each other, but for one another. Tamia explained to Oprah, “There is something that is in you that when you see someone you love, you fight immediately. So even before myself, and when I was diagnosed (with multiple Sclerosis), when I saw him, I immediately wanted to fight for him.”
And Grant goes on about the fight in his wife, “Around that same time we found out what she was going through, and just seeing her strength and her fight, how she was able to persevere and continue to be a great wife, a great mother and a great person. It really just kind of inspired me.” You need inspiration from your relationships to keep things together.

Why We Love Them: Grant and Tamia have something that’s so basic that you’d almost forget that it is an amazing quality to have in your significant other–consideration. They’re selfless when it comes to one another and Tamia said it best on Oprah, “I think it’s the everyday things we love about each other. It’s watching [Grant] take Myla to school or [him asking], ‘You want me to hold the baby so you can have the extra half an hour?”