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Just days before Whitney Houston’s untimely death, Ray J was starting his book tour for his newly released relationship book, DEATH OF THE CHEATING MAN: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray.

Ten years ago when renowned lifestyle guru, celebrity branding expert and business mogul Maxwell Billieon was bound by cheating in his relationships—because no mentors or role models had ever taught him how to function differently with women—he had an epiphany. Driven by an overwhelming desire to stop cheating, he set out on a life-changing journey to undo decades of destructive behaviors. With no experts or instructors to advise him, Billieon quickly realized he would have to draft his own operating manual for learning how not to cheat. Through insightful observations and copious note-taking, he accomplished this and in the end, created an accessible and foolproof blueprint for avoiding the pitfalls of cheating. Because of his personal success, Billieon decided to share his findings with others in an attempt to teach both men and women the truth about male cheating and to give women the information and skills needed to get and keep faithful men.

Now, in DEATH OF THE CHEATING MAN: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray (Simon & Schuster/Atria/Strebor Books; February 2012; $24.00) Billieon—with celebrity personality and multi-platinum artist Ray J serving as a fascinating case study—reveals the hidden truth about unfaithful men and exposes why he believes deceitfulness is the primary cause of the demise of the American family. As Billieon outlines, step-by-step, what women need to know about how and why men manipulate their emotions, coauthor Ray J applies Billieon’s tenets to transform his own life from that of a reckless and indifferent playboy to a man capable of a committed and loving relationship. In a forthright, no-holds-bar style that is reminiscent of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Billieon examines male cheating from a global perspective and reveals why powerful men such as John F. Kennedy, Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger achieve incredible milestones in extraordinary ways but can’t manage to avoid the temptations of cheating. He also teaches women:

* How to stop enabling men to cheat;

* How to create the “New Monogamy”;

* How to recognize the signs that a man is cheating;

* The difference between being faithful and being committed;

* The danger of choosing pockets over pedigree;

* How to know when it’s time to “pull a Yoko Ono.”

At the heart of DEATH OF A CHEATING MAN is the chapter entitled “The Six Virtues of a New Man,” which Billieon notes is a list of the fundamentals every man needs to reinvent himself from a cheater to a reformed man. These basics include:

* Strengthening the internal voice and listening to the good guy versus the bad boy. We all need that little tap on the shoulder every now and then to keep us from getting into the waters of trouble. When a man’s nature tries to overpower his common sense, a strong internal voice can provide the clarity and direction that is sure to keep him out of harm’s way;

* Establishing a “consequence mechanism.” Learning to weigh the outcome of any given situation will help a man decide how to proceed. As a man uses a consequence mechanism daily for small decisions, it will eventually become a guide for the big things, like cheating.

* Building self-restraint. Men learn self-restraint in sports and education but never apply it to relationships. When distractions pop up here and there, men have to treat them the same way they treat unhealthy food choices; leave them alone.

* Knowing and recognizing limitations. Why tempt yourself with something you know is your weakness? Steer clear of things that are overpowering until internal voices and use of the consequence mechanism is successful.

* Be honest with yourself.  There is a fine line between being a player and a predator. The latter is only suitable when you are upfront, honest and transparent about your desire to be with more than one woman. Women would much rather know where you stand so they can make an informed decision to be with you or not.

* Become a thinking man.  A thinking man understands there are consequences to all of his actions and he can become better equipped to deal with the temptations and obstacles men are presented with in relationships.

Billieon also points out that men should not look at their decisions or their outcomes as right or wrong. “See them as consequences you can or cannot live with and base the outcome on how it affects you and others,” he says. “Letting go of right and wrong and accepting consequences is guaranteed to aid you in building character for the challenging times where your natural instincts try to take over. What men will find is that once consequence becomes dominant in their daily thinking, their demons will become quiet and as in a movie, they will be able to walk by them and smile.”

About the authors:

Ray J became a household name as his public relationships with a bevy of beautiful Hollywood startlets make pop culture headlines all over the world and his playboy personal spawned the hit television shows, For the Love of Ray J and the spin-off, Brandy & Ray J – A Family Business on VH1, adjoining his string of hit albums Raydiation and All I Feel. One of the web’s top trending personalities, he lives in Beverly Hills.

Maxwell Billieon is a true renaissance man. A former star-making development executive who generated over $100 million in global sales, Billieon is now the CEO of The Billieon Group (TBG). TBG develops high-end luxury lifestyle goods sold worldwide, making Billieon globally known at the “Lifestyle Guru.” But of all of Billieon’s extraordinary achievements, it is his personal reformation from Cheating Man, after being unfaithful for over 20 years, that he is most proud of. He lives in Los Angeles.

You can purchase Death Of The Cheating Man at Amazon, HERE!

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