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Amidst recent rumors of them splitting, the Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith remain resilient in their love. Jada even wrote a beautiful song for her hubby for Valentine’s Day and posted it on her Facebook wall. She also shared a poem that shows just how deep their love reaches.

These two lovebirds inspire one another to continue reaching for excellence, so much so that it is instilled in their children. The Smiths breed and maintain such a high level of success that love has no option but to thrive within them. It should be crystal clear why they have what it takes to make it last forever.

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Why She Loves Him: In an acceptance speech at an Essence luncheon, Jada gushed over her superhero of a man who stood right by her side as she praised him. She said, “This man right here, holds it down–not just for me, for all of us. In just how he represents who we are in the world, internationally. It’s about expanding the limitations people try to put on all of us.” Jada loves Will because he’s, in a word, amazing.

Why He Loves Her: Will loves his wife because she’s someone that he has no doubt that he can count on. Will was asked about Jada’s essence on the red carpet of an Essence luncheon Jada was being honored at and he smiled and said, “The essence of Jada is commitment, as a central quality. She just will not break her word. That level of integrity that she possesses–you can bet on Jada. You can put your heart, your life, your dream and your wishes and hang them on Jada and know she’s not going to drop them.”

Why They Work: Any marriage is all about keeping the spark you felt when you first started dating and making sure your spouse puts forth the effort to keep you in love. In an appearance on “The View,” Jada explained, “You have to keep it spontaneous. That’s the trick to it. You’ve got to keep surprises.” Surprises come in many forms. Jada explained during a press junket in 2004, “You have to be willing to move around–to move your romance around. Kitchen, closet, park, parked car,” and we know exactly what she means. *wink wink* The dream couple also keeps divorce out of their vocabulary. Will told Ellen, “Divorce just can’t be an option.”

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Why We Love Them: When you look at the Smiths, you see an effervescence that only comes from peace within. It’s not a difficult task to achieve, but it does take work. Jada made it simple when she told George Lopez, “We enjoy life, people and what we do.” That’s the key to a fulfilling live in one sentence.

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