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Nicki Minaj covers Vibe Magazine in an orange wig and tiara! The whimsical rapper is riding high off a controversial Grammy performance. She speaks on her debut album Pink Friday, being a woman in the industry and her big fashion moment sitting next to Anna Wintour!

VIBE: You’ve said before that you didn’t really have fun recording Pink Friday.

Nicki Minaj: I felt like I had something to prove to everyone who said a female rapper could not make an album unless she was talking about her p****. And so I went above and beyond to prove that I could not talk about sex and not talk about my genitalia and still have a successful album. And I proved that. And now my time for proving things to my critics is over. I don’t really need to prove anything to anyone else anymore.

Is it still hard to get your way as a woman in this industry?

It’s not hard to get your way when it’s your way or the highway. People either follow suit or they’re not around. I don’t really like the sound of that, ‘cause that sounds like a temper tantrum. I’m just very black and white when it comes to my business. There’s really no gray area. I really don’t have a lot of small talk with people I work with. It’s pretty much let’s get the job done. In the beginning, if people didn’t know me they’d probably assume I wasn’t smart or wasn’t business savvy. But once you sit and talk to me, it’s a different story.

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