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Vanessa Simmons is a business woman. The daughter to Rev Run and sister to Angela Simmons has a role in the new movie “Dysfunctional Friends” but that isn’t her only project she has blossoming. Vanessa launched a new lingerie line, Rose, geared toward every woman’s shape and size! We caught up with the Pastry sister and she gave us some tips for picking out that special garment this Valentine’s Day!

I love lingerie, I think it’s sexy. I love wearing it, what woman wouldn’t? I started designing it for myself. I liked it and I think other people will like what I have to offer. Sometimes I’ve gone out and spent a lot of money at Victoria’s Secrets and I didn’t really find exactly what I had in my head. I want to offer something for women of all shapes and sizes!

I am encouraging everyone to send in pictures to the model search. Don’t think because you’re not a size two that you wont fit my standards.

Tips for picking out that sexy piece and feeling good inside of it:

It’s all about how you feel. There are so many different options and choices out there that you can go and get.

-Pick your favorite color…or his favorite color.

-Just make sure you feel comfortable in it. You can look in the mirror and say if it’s sexy or not.

-Pick out something that flatters you and makes you comfortable.

-Being sexy is about being comfortable and confident. If it makes you feel confident then get it. If it doesn’t then don’t get it!

Keeping it “Sexy vs Skanky:”

It’s all in how you present yourself to the world. There’s definitely a difference between the sexy and the skanky. It’s how you carry yourself. It’s the respect you have for yourself and what you want to show people. Don’t have your butt cheeks hanging out–that’s skanky. Don’t be around town with different guys in the same group–that’s skanky.

It’s how you want other people to perceive you. It might look good, your body may look good in it, but would someone really want to “put a ring on it” tonight?

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