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ARIES – March 21 – April 19

Peace of mind and less stress is predicted for you in 2012. Many of your hopes and dreams that were put on the back burner will start to take shape in the fore-front. Weed out unwanted and unproductive people that are in your life. Your emotions and sensitivity will run high and low, mainly high so keep things in the proper perspective and keep fits of anger to zero, this will keep you from saying things you later regret. Career remains lagging until the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the year. Learn from past career mistakes and focus on a career course that you will benefit from in terms of your passion and finances. Push yourself past your imagined limits and reap the rewards. Your love life will see a more calm and at peace state after the previous years of chaos. Let the past disappointments go and live for the now and tomorrow. If you are already involved work on clear and honest communication and listening to what your partner has to say and watch this build a stronger more loving relationship. Open up this year for new love if single. Do not be hasty and jump into situations that the red flags meet you at the door. Wait for the right options because they show up in time. Do not over exert yourself in personal and professional arenas to the point that you are stressed. If you do by midyear the wear and tear will show in your face.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Lots of change has been experienced in the past year. Though change is inevitable and necessary, your previous changes have been difficult. Be prepared for more change in 2012. You will have to make the change work for you this year instead of allowing it to just drag you along for the ride aimlessly. Some long term projects or new position may hit a roadblock but clears quickly to an opening and you had better grab it and own it. Much improvement for career and career opportunities this year that comes from your more than average effort. It is high time you reach for the next level to see just how far the fates are going to take you. Even if you are happy where you are you owe to yourself to see what else is in store. With all the changes especially in work, do not make hasty decisions. Informed decisions is key, do your homework on all opportunities to see where the odds are. More stability in the romance department and less roller coasters. If you are involved make sure that your partner is completely fulfilled in all ways. This energy will be reciprocated and there will be good balance. Those who are unmarried will feel a need for a relationship and the Universe will deliver with a host of options, some good and some not so good. Be choosy. An improvement in your time management is crucial this year. Be sure there is time for exercise on a more regular basis and eating right. This will do wonders for your physical and emotional self. Choose a good multivitamin and drink your 8 glasses of water daily.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

2012 will be an eventful year for you, even though it starts off rather dragging. Ventures and opportunities planted last year start to sprout and bear fruit. There is a feeling of enthusiasm and go get them attitude than ever before. You are more ready to live life and to claim what’s yours and do what needs to be done to get it. Mix things up a bit, variety is the spice of life and you need to make some changes in your regular regimen. Being more willing to compromise in personal and professional arenas will bring great change in your interactions. Your money by the middle of the 2nd quarter has improved tremendously and it is never too late to think about the long term and saving some of the extra money. Learn to balance your spending and savings so that you won’t get in the financial traps of yesteryears. 2012 will be the year of passion for the Geminian. You feel the urge to be loved and the desire is there to give love. Because you have had a wall up for a while, be ready to let it down some. No one can get over the wall if you keep it too high. Be thorough not to settle for situations you know you do not feel connected to, you waste your time and everybody else’s as well. Also let situations go when feelings do not appear to be reciprocated, you only delay the right situation. You will meet someone that you find very intriguing and it will be mutual. Try to avoid all the conflict in your romantic relationship and relationship with family and friends. Some conflict is inevitable because this is how you grow, but do not allow things to blow up over and over. Fight your physical and emotional pain by being more physically active 4 to 5 times a week, this is very necessary.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

An overhaul of your energy is predicted for you in 2012. This ‘overhaul’ will aid you in putting your procrastinating ways aside to move closer to what you want. Your creative abilities will shine like never before, so putting them to good use will be mandatory to your aspirations. Big sacrifices will be needed at home and at work/business that pays off big later. Be careful not to let laziness creep up and break your stride towards accomplishment this year. Changes in job/career may seem slower than you think, but things will be put in place just in time, just be sure to keep things moving. Do not allow personal issues trump the goals you have set in place. Balance your finances to a tee and stay within a budget, this will allow your financial responsibility to strengthen. In the love department new and exciting times, just be careful not to take what is available. If it takes some time for the right one, then it’s worth it. The right one enters before the 4th quarter or choices for the right one. Find the type that of someone that motivates you and is up to your standards. Do not compromise. Sensual and affectionate moments will let you know if it the match is right. If you are partnered now, tension comes and goes. Let the negative go and work on the positive. This strengthens the relationship. Put forth extra effort to get in and maintain shape and weight goals. Work on resting your body more and being selective about what you put in it, it is a temple you know.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

This year Virgos will let their creative skills be showcased to the world. Time and time again it has been held back and not revealed to your benefit. This is your year. Do not allow constructive criticism drag you down, it is for your benefit and growth, plus everybody has an opinion. The harder you work the bigger the outcomes, common sense yes, but it will be abundantly clear. Being more optimistic this year is a requirement. Delete and avoid all situations that cause chaos and negativity. Appreciate the career goals that you have achieved even if you are not where you want to be. More efforts will bring more rewards. Focus, discipline and determination will get you where you should be in life. Planning and executing the plan and conquering your procrastinating tendency. Enough dreaming and wishing, it’s time to do. Avoid wasting time on projects that you know are nowhere. Be careful with your spending and watch the spending sprees that have crippled you financial many times last year. Be clear when you make purchases that you really, really need it. Beginning to the middle of the year is good financially toward the end you tend to go overboard, control that urge. Love will become more stable in 2012. You will tend to bring with you some of the disappointments of yesteryear to this year, leave them there. If partnered open your heart and show how much you care. Let bygones be bygones and revamp your relationship for the long haul. Take this year by the horns when it comes to being healthy. Choose the right regimen that strengthens you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Being active is very important to any previous health issues.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Life in 2012 is going to be much more happy and lighter from the last years. Concentrate on more on what you want more than what you do not have. 2012 has more peace and harmony, too. You will see your importance grow and your opinion more valued. Struggles working on your inner self are going to be the ultimate trigger of this new happiness and new self value. Hurdles that get in the way can be knocked down or walked around. Late 2nd quarter of 2012 a big stroke of luck with a business opportunity comes forward. Do all and any homework before venturing into it. New people arrive in your life, both romantic and platonic. More scope and opportunity is forecasted in career. Be aware of not spinning your wheels in same place, networking and seeing what is out there will create more chances for you. Have the strength and confidence to get to the next level, growth and achievement are the rules for 2012 for Librans. Take his year new contracts and agreements will be signed, read all print big and small. Work on unleashing your creative juices that lie within you waiting to flow; do not be afraid to try. Trial and error is the only way to find that energy. Have a clear understanding of the power of teamwork in 2012. Do not be afraid to ask for help or assistance with achieving what it is you want. The right partnership can do wonders. More stability around finances than you have had in a long time is forecast for this year. There may be some legal issues around or about money, so take care of any of that. Be sure that all is in order especially by the end of the 3rd quarter. Put some money into revamping home and wardrobe, it will do wonders and fit you right into achieving your new heights. Keep a vision of your long term finances, the here and now is important but the long term is as well. Your romance will see a calm that it has not seen years. Move slowly when meeting the new people that fates have lined up for you to meet. Not all will be a fit, but finding that one will be fun and exciting. If you are not single, lots of barriers that have not been conquered shall be. Your relationship gets closer and stronger, provided you do your part. Learn some patience with your partner, the times of getting so angry or frustrated over the small stuff comes to a minimum this year if patience is exercised.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

New projects and new ventures that have previously stalled will grow wings in 2012. There is a new outlook that you realize that will chase the dark cloud that you have felt following you. High time for this realization because it is time to get what you really want. This new attitude brings you a sense of freedom that motivates you to work harder and reap bigger and better benefits. This won’t be without a price. There will be lots of sacrifice and discipline involved in you getting your wish. Whether it is a new job or business project you are working toward it will not fall in your lap or be easy, but can be done big. Many decisions about personal and professional life should be given lots of thoughts about how to be happier and stress free. Get that lazy monkey off your back when he starts to get a hold of you, the sooner you rid that energy the quicker you can accomplish what you set out to do. There will be some struggle with the career goals as you work to get them defined and in order. As to be expected there will be some red tape in your achievements, do not become discouraged. Continue to concentrate on your area of interest and stay true to it and the manifestation of it will build. More financial freedom is predicted for Scorpio this year. Be reasonable and practical with your spending and keep the splurges to a minimum. It’s too many financial splurges that put your finances in knots. The 2nd quarter brings good money energy in so prepare to take advantage of it and hold on to some of it because there will be large purchases later in the year. Some stormy weather around love this year. Be sure to talk and clear up any disputes with your partner sooner than later. Waiting longer times before things are resolved allows each of you to harbor feelings of resentment. Arguments are going to happen, but try to get over them as soon as you can and waste no time sulking are being mad. If you are a single Scorpio some options definitely come looking for you just be sure you meet them half way. Potential long term choices in 2012 will be around you. Be sure that you use your keen ability to weed out the unworthy. With that being said you also need to remember that nobody is perfect. Learn to live in the here and now and stress less about the future. Increase your energy levels in keeping physically active. Exercise your body and exercise restraint at the table and see just how healthy you will look and feel. A healthier better you is in store in 2012.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

Your life will lack the difficulties of last year. Socially your status is upgraded which brings you closer to those aiming for success just as you are. If you desire there will be a change in residency and environment. Lots of happenings and opportunities fall into place in order to get you on the road to achievement, just be sure you are doing your part. Reflections on your past failures allow you to get the lesson so that you do not go down that road again. Career goals may be average, but kicking them up a few notches will be to your benefit. The bigger the goals and challenges the bigger the rewards. There will be moments when you feel nothing is happening or moving forward in career/business, these are only passing moments and the Universe is still at work. 3rd quarter of the year shows recognition in the work place or in business. Mid year is a perfect time to bring ideas and business projects to the fore front that has been on the shelf. With all the good to come in 2012, there will be some misfortunes with money. Put some money away for these rainy days when there is extra. Your ability to make more money is much stronger and evident this year. Do not sit around and wait for it to come to you, go after it. Put a control switch on your spending because as soon as you make money it is going out. Use this money energy to make extra and settle any loans or debts. More financial freedom predicted later in the year. There will be a change in how you see love and relationships. You feel more positive and hopeful about finding that special someone in 2012. If you are not single, the love in your life now can use an overhaul. Make an effort to show more love and affectionate. Be sure to put more time into the relationship, yes money is important, but so is your partner. Allow your charm and bright personality to attract that special someone without feeling fearful or afraid of rejection. Lots of blessing around your health this year. Strength and vigor is predicted. Challenge yourself with more physical activity and watch the results before your eyes. Not only the physical, but your emotional state too will be elevated. Take some time to meditate and rejuvenate your spirit in 2012.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 19

This year starts off with a low profile. This works for you to get prepared for a busy 2012. The low profile period will be good for some introspection and reflection of the changes you are going to make personally and professionally. During this time you will assess the events and people of the past that have no place in your life and identify the ones that have a place. Also this time is for you to figure out what you really want and how you are going to get it. Do not give up on the projects or new job that you want this year. New contracts and agreements come in 2012. Go for this with firm commitment and knowledge of just how these agreements will benefit you financially. Near the end of the 2nd quarter you hit some roadblocks. Figure out a way around them and keep it moving. You gain more security with your money this year. Your long term endeavors see the light of day by 3rd quarter end; however, the financial gain from these projects is still a ways off. Business pursuits will be on the top of your list this year. If business has not been you thought, this is a perfect time to explore it. Some creative and artistic skills start to surface and be seen. Do not ignore them; see just what comes out of it. Love matters take up a lot of your energy this year and you have to get a firm handle on this. Let your love life manifest and bring you what you deserve. Many times you have tried to force things to happen and came up empty handed. The Universe is well aware of what it’s doing. Happiness and fulfillment in love is predicted for Capricorn in 2012. If you are already partnered, looking inside yourself will bring a lot of clarity to previous mistakes in love. Express your feelings with your heart open and be sincere to your partner. Looks like this is a consistently good year with balance of luck in love and finances. Take no risks with your health in 2012. Make sure you are doing what you have been advised by your health practitioner and be committed to better habits in eating and dieting so that you can be the healthiest person you can be. Do not over do it, though. Moderation is the key. Make sure you make all doctor and dentist appointments to fix and maintain. This will be a good and productive year for Capricorn.


Lots of socializing is predicted for you in 2012. There will be some unwanted confrontations while out and about, but clearly more fun than drama. In the confrontations try to take the issues by the horns, let go and move on. Some important resolutions that you made will take shape and fly high. The 1st quarter brings some up and down happiness, but further into the year happiness prevails. Your way of seeing life starts to shift where you think what was impossible is very possible and you execute a plan in that fashion. Be cautious of aligning yourself with those you suspect can get you in hot water. New phase in the arena of career in 2012. More freedom and more responsibility at work. Take it in stride because you will be able to go more at your own pace without someone breathing down your back. Career goals will flourish, but do not make sudden or rash decisions about changing work or jobs. Go after your dreams with new confidence that you know it will work and you deserve it. The window of opportunity is still open, but closing fast. A much better year financially when compared to previous years. More income flow is predicted and this increase is tied to a bigger and better job performance. Some unwanted financial issues will surface around healthcare. Will be easy to take care of if you have your priorities straight. Do not be stingy with money. Yes, be reasonable and responsible, but do not forget charity and treating yourself to some nice things. In 2012 the chance to get real estate at an amazing price will come about. Do what you need to do to make this go smoothly. The year of 2012 will be more passionate and romantic than previous years. Expose your inner feelings and hear to your partner without being fearful of the consequences. Try to find a relationship without a lot of negative confrontations and accusations. If these negative spats continue to happen even after trying to resolve them one by one then the door may be the next move for you. If you are single the urgency to have a mate will be at an all time high. And be satisfied. This will require you to come out of your cocoon and see just what options the Universe will bring you. A mighty romance is predicted for you that will be fun and exciting. Do not place this love affair above your goals for business and work; it will be very easy to want to place it at the top. There will be more options for relationships that will be lasting. Any family strained relationships should be worked on in order to heal this year. Health needs to be taken more serious by practicing better exercise and eating habits. This discipline should be spread to other family members as well so that good health is a habit for everybody. 2012 works well for Aquarius.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

2012 will be much calmer and much different from the hustling and bustling of the previous years of your life. You will feel more centered and balance. Any tasks or projects that you start need to be done until the end this year. You have had a way of stopping and starting and this year will prove to you that you can be a task master to get you what you want. A more productive, but not very exciting work place is predicted. Be certain that your tasks are on the right track and that your deadlines are met, life happens and sometimes they are not, however, strive and hit the deadline marks. That works because getting more things done at work counts; you own time can give you the excitement you seek. Time to take on some challenges when it comes to career goals and the next opportunities, there could be an unexpected upgrade or a brand new situation entirely once you get serious about career. This will require also for you to fight and bury all self doubt about your abilities. Growth of your financial means is in the cards for you. The 1st and 2nd quarters will see a steady growth of your money. Temptation to make a huge purchase right now should be avoided. It needs to be planned for and this will keep you from having so many struggling and stressful money moments. Late in 2012 there is sizable amount money not coming from work. Manage this money in a way where you take care of some debts owed. You are learning to become less harsh and more trusting when it comes to love and finding a relationship. Your passion and desire grows this year to be partnered and that need will be taken care of. Love will come from surprising places, but yet still real and great potential. If you are already involved, stop harping on the arguments and fights of yesterday. Work toward growing closer and developing the trust that allows couples to stay together for the long term. This is not easy, but very doable. Understand what your body needs to be at its healthiest. Already knowing that it starts with exercise and a balanced diet get to it. Also foods and drinks of any kind in excess will really be difficult on the body. High energy is predicted this year for Pisceans, so get your athletic gear ready and work up a sweat 3 to 4 times a week. Manage your temptations and keep them to a very minimum. The temptations work to throw you off course, you do not want that. Long term health looks good, so establishing and maintaining these habits make the difference. This year Pisces moves it up.


KRIS HUMPHRIES – February 6, 1985

NATALIE COLE – February 6, 1950

ASHTON KUTCHER – February 7, 1978

CHRIS ROCK – February 7, 1965

ALICE WALKER – February 9, 1944

GLENN BECK – February 10, 1964

ROBERTA FLACK – February 10, 1939

KELLY ROWLAND – February 11, 1981

BRANDY NORWOOD – February 11, 1979

JENNIFER ANNISTON – February 11, 1969

SARAH PALIN – February 11, 1964

ARSENIO HALL – February 12, 1955

MICHAEL MCDONALD – February 12, 1952

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