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It looks like it’s the beginning of the end for Malik as he finally let go of his dream home on last night’s episode of “The Game”. With the song, “It’s’ So  Hard To Say Goodbye” playing in the background, Malik and his sidekick, Tee Tee, packed up his mansion and talked about all the good times they had together there.  Feeling down in the dumps, Tee Tee reminded Malik that the house he had didn’t define him, and that it was just something he bought. Malik came to the realization that it was time to move on to another dream, since his dream of owning a mansion and taking care of his mother had already been fulfilled. In the words of Mr. Carter,  “on to the next one”.

Meanwhile, Melanie and Tasha are still at each other’s throats with Tasha clowning Melanie “Baren-ette” since she’s “barren” and can’t have kids and Melanie clowning Tasha for not having a man. They have a staring at the bar with Melanie finally being the bigger person and leaving. Hopefully these two will get it together eventually.

Last but not least, Jason and Chardonnay are still going strong. Jason gets the news that he’s going to have a co-host on his show “The Pitts Stop” and to make matters worse, shes a hot, skinny blonde, blue eyed woman. After he tells Chardonnay, she feels a little insecure, after all, you know how Jason feels about white women. But he assures her that he’s with her and only  her and is going to do whatever it takes to “woo” her. So cute!

What did you think about last night’s episode?

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