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Don’t let his massive shoulders fool you. It’s no secret that Dwight Howard is rather goofy. And if reports are true regarding the state of his strained, co-parenting arrangement between he and Royce Reed, Howard also comes off a bit too bitchy for my taste. But that’s his personal business. Who am I to judge?

The most important thing basketball fans will keep an eye on as the NBA’s March 15 trade deadline draws near is what the Orlando Magic will do with their franchise player. The team will either have to trade him by that date or run the high risk of losing him with no return come free agency this summer.

Consider this a case of Carmelo 2.0.

To Carmelo’s credit, at least he remained adamant that he only wanted to play for the New York Knicks. For better or for worse, Melo stood on that point and never shied away from his demands. It’s been far from a holy matrimony this season for Melo, Amar’e, and the Knicks, but hey…that’s the life he chose. He’ll deal with it.

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