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Cairo is fast becoming the hottest erotica writer in the game. We were introduced to his raw, gritty writing style with the sexy thriller, The Kat Trap. With his fifth book, KITTY- KITTY, BANG BANG, (Strebor/Atria Books; November 2011; $15), Cairo is proving that he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Katrina, Cairo’s cut throat killer from the Kat Trip, is back with a score to settle! It was her cutthroat ambition and ruthlessness that got Katrina, “Kat”, out of the hood and on top of her game. Once a murderer on a seductive prowl with two missions in mind—satisfying her insatiable libido and killing unsuspecting marks—Katrina has lain down her guns. Having once used her alluring charm and exotic beauty to lure men to their deaths, Katrina has had a change of heart.

She’s settled for a simpler life and traveling, partying, and shopping have become her only guilty pleasures. In addition, she’s avoiding relationships and men like the plague. For her, life couldn’t be any sweeter—at least that’s what she wants to believe.

But, when drama rears its ugly head, Kat returns with a vengeance. There’s the issue of confronting her ex-friend who she learned had slept with an old boyfriend. Then there are her three aunts—who are angry about how she treated her mother.

And now she has to face her family, her demons, and the woman behind them—reopening old wounds, trying to mend new ones. Ultimately Kat has a new mission: to find the man behind her mother’s death and serve him up a dish of her own justice the only way she knows how—with a bullet to his head.


Cairo is the author of The Kat Trap, The Man Handler, Deep Throat Diva, and Daddy Long Stroke. His travels to Egypt are what inspired his pen name. Visit him on Facebook, HERE!

You can order a copy of Kitty-Kitty, Bang Bang on Amazon, HERE!

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