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It’s the end of the road for this season of “Love and Hip Hop” and I can’t say that I’m upset. I definitely need a break from all of this drama and fighting, (at least until the reunion special). I’ll have to admit, the finale episode was a little sad as Kimbella was struggling with her and Juelz relationship, Emily struggling with her and Fab’s, Yandy struggling with her, Jimmy’s and Chrissy’s and Olivia struggling with her career.

Although the theme of this episode seemed to be “closure”, it looked as if it opened more doors than closed them.

The episode opened with Kimbella telling Yandy that Juelz had been sent to jail again, and that she wasn’t happy with the way their relationship was going. Yandy tried to offer Kimbella some friendly advice, but you could see it in her eyes that the girl is drained: physically, mentally and emotionally. Not to mention the fact that she’s pregnant with her and Juelz’s third child, and as her mother so quickly reminded her, without a ring. “Every woman has a gut feeling and every woman has that insight at the back of their mind, and that’s when it’s questionable,” Kimbella told the cameras. I couldn’t help but to feel bad for her because it seemed as if she was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Meanwhile across town, Emily seems to going through the same situation with Faboulous (minus the pregnancy factor) and meets with Chrissy to talk about her conversation with Fab’s old assistant, Winter. Now, I don’t know anybody in their right mind that would take Winter’s advice i.e. ignoring Fab’s cheating ways and just wait for him to come around ( but hey, that’s me, who am I to judge). When Emily tells Chrissy about their conversation, Chrissy drops some knowledge on her and says that the most important factor in a relationship is loyalty and if a man is not loyal to you and doesn’t respect your feelings then you have nothing. (MESSAGE!)

This is one time that I wish Chrissy, Kimbella and Emily were friends. It seemed like Kimbella needed to hear some relationship from Professor Chrissy last night. I hope she was watching!

Mama Jones, Jimmy and Chrissy are getting ready for their vacation to Jamaica and it looks like things are going great between this big happy yet dysfunctional family. In spite of the fact that Mama Jones had a performance of “Psychotic” prior to the vacay, the three of them hugged it out, soaked up some rays and found a naked beach to party on (well at least Mama Jones did). Things are looking great for Chrissy!

“I’m solid in my family life, I’m solid in my relationship, I’m solid in some of my friendships. And I can live with that” she says at the end of the episode. Kudos to you Chrissy, kudos to you!

What did you think about the finale?

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