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Dear Gay Best Friend,

I recently read the article entitled, “He says he’s unhappy, but I can’t let him go, he’s my world.”

I’m struggling with what I fear is a similar issue. My boyfriend of two years says he loves me and wants to marry me and have children, but every time we discuss marriage he brings up problems and says he’s not happy. Finally, I put my foot down and gave the ultimatum, “now or never.” He chose never.

After discussing his choice he recanted and decided we should go to couples counseling. He is a good man and we are happy as long as we don’t discuss marriage. But, I want to be married and have another child! I have a son from a previous marriage and he treats my son like his own, worse my son is completely attached to him and when we temporarily broke things off my young son was in tears for days. We do have our problems, but everyone does. I don’t want to walk away because we have formed a family. I love him and he’s the only father my son knows, however I feel like I’m cheating myself out of the things I really want in life.

I’m too damn old to be somebody’s girlfriend! And my eggs are getting old too! I truly love him, but how do I know that he will EVER be ready to make a lifelong commitment. His longest relationship before me was 6 months and he is well over thirty years old. Do some men just never settle down? – Waiting To Be Married

Dear Ms. Waiting To Be Married,

Uhm, ma’am, if you read my response to the other advice article, and you say that you have a similar issue, then what is the problem? I’m failing to understand. Here we go with this damn madness, again! Chile, the tales of the desperate nagging girlfriend who thinks she is wifey material, but keep selling herself short by bending over backwards for a man, and spreading her legs, and making a home for him while he incessantly lets her know that he doesn’t want to get married and he’s unhappy in the relationship. And, her dumbass refuses to listen to him or hear what he’s saying because she is caught up in what she wants to hear and have in her life. Therefore, she’s that chicken running around the coup bawking up a storm. LMBAO!

Ugh! I swear you women have got to be the dumbest birds at the zoo dating these men with these issues and emotional baggage who don’t want to commit to you, and then they tell you that they don’t want to be married, and that they are not happy. WHY ARE YOU STICKING AROUND? WHAT ARE YOU HOPING WILL HAPPEN? You think he will wake up one day and recognize the great and awesome woman you are after all the time, money, energy, and resources you’ve invested in him? Yet, he’s not investing in you or the relationship. And, on top of it all, you move in together, play house, act like a family (all within a year’s time), and then you expect him to marry you when you are already acting like a married couple? What more is there to look forward to if you are giving him the milk, the cow, the land, and the damn farm?!?! You are damn hand maiden and don’t even know it.

Look here, sweetheart. Number one: The man has told you that he is not happy. Whatever issues or challenges he has that he is dealing with YOU CANNOT FIX THEM! He needs therapy and a psychiatrist to help him get to the root of his problems. Stop trying to be the girlfriend, woman, sex partner, maid, cook, therapist, and psychoanalyst. You cannot do it all!!!! That is not your job, so please stop trying to be all things for him. Ole dumbass with no damn degree of sense of educational training. You can’t make him happy if he is not happy. And, if someone is unhappy and don’t love themselves, please, please, please understand that you cannot fix them, or make them love you if they don’t love themselves.

Number two: When you put your foot down and gave the ultimatum of “now or never,” and he said, “never.” Chile, I would have packed all his –ish and put his MoFo ass outside with his –ish and told him, “Well, take your never narrow ass on and live in never neverland.”

Number three: Throughout your letter you keep stressing how YOU want to be married. YOU want more children. YOU want and want and want and want. Well, what about his needs? What does he want? It’s obvious you two are on separate pages in different books, and in different genres. You reading fairy tale books and he is reading science fiction. LMBAO! Get on the same damn page and start listening to one another.

I’m going to wrap this up and be done with you because it’s obvious you’re living in your own world and you want what you want without any regard to the bigger picture and seeing how forcing a man to be with you and marry you will ultimately lead to an even more dysfunctional and disastrous relationship. You said you feel as if you’re cheating yourself out of what you really want in life. You are absolutely correct. One hundred percent right. So, if you feel that you’re cheating yourself then why are you still there? Why are you waiting on a man who has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want to be married, his longest relationship prior to you was 6 months, he’s unhappy, and quite frankly you’ve made it comfortable for him to be where he is. If you’re too damn old to be someone’s girlfriend, and your eggs are getting old, then why are you still someone’s girlfriend? And, you’re eggs are about to rot, sweetheart. So, ponder those questions for a while and when you get the answers, hopefully you’ll be living with your son in your own place and working on healing yourself and moving on with your life. – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

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