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Brandy has had enough of the stans – the ones who troll the comments section of any and every blog waiting for the moment someone gives praise to anyone other than their favorite artist.

When asked about the comparisons people make between her and Beyonce (granted, we’ve never heard any of them), Brandy had a message for the “fans”:

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a comparison to me and Beyonce. Maybe that’s the fans…and I wish these fans would quit that because when you put competition in the midst of what’s so unique and so different about every artist out there, it keeps you from appreciating everybody. Yeah, everybody has a preference, but if you like Beyonce and Lady Gaga and Rihanna and not put them against each other, then you can enjoy all three – I have all of their albums, I love them all – because everybody has their own tone, their own sound. Nobody can be Beyonce better than Beyonce, nobody can be me better than me, or any of these other great artists – Adele, Alicia Keys. Like, let people be unique and ya’ll fans stop putting us against each other. It’s not even right – especially when the artists that you guys are putting against each other actually like each other, that’s kinda…that’s cray.”

Good point. Besides, the two ladies share Kelly Rowland as their BFF, so it’s best they get along anyway.

Go that way, stans!

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