In this episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, we learned that communication is the key in every relationship, as if we didn’t know that already. The episode opened with Phadera and her mother talking about plans for her family owned funeral business while playing with her adorable son Ayden. Phadera’s plans for the family funeral home seem to be a little odd compared to that of a normal funeral home. She wants to change the way people think about death. “I want to do funerals worth dying for” she says, in an interesting play on words, and still doesn’t understand why Apollo isn’t completely on board with her yet.

Cynthia and Peter have a date night, which takes a sharp turn when they decide to have a little chat before their salsa lesson. They talk about their lack of communication in their relationship, and how Cynthia was upset that Peter just up and left during her event on last week’s episode. Uncle Ben Peter snaps back on Cynthia saying that’s just the way he is, and that he’s going to talk like that for the rest of his life.

Sigh… Cynthia, is he giving you the okay to walk? If so, run for the hills! A man that doesn’t want to compromise is no bueno, at least in my book anyway.

It seems that Cynthia partially agrees at least, because tears well up in her eyes as she realizes the type of marriage that she’s gotten herself into. Sigh.

Now let’s check in with Nene who had a brief meeting with Marlo to discuss Nene’s relationship with Marlo’s new man, Charles. Nene politely tells Marlo that Charles never had any of her hello kitty, and Marlo reveals that she’s an ex-con (okay maybe not ex-con persay, but she did do sometime in jail) but still wants to the two of them to be friends. Although Nene is taking off guard, she thinks Marlo is a pretty cool chick, and the two bon over none other than shopping.

The episode ends with Cynthia and Uncle Ben Peter attending a counseling session to attempt to fix whatever the problem is in their marriage. After listening to the two of them talk, it seems that they have more than just communication problems.

Do you think they will last?

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