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It isn’t looking good for Kimbella and Juelz Santana’s relationship. It’s bad enough that Kimbella went on national TV and disclosed that she slept with a more popular rapper, got beat up for it then asked for an apology; but to have a jump off go on Twitter and throw shade at your living situation is another thing.

A dialogue between @LyssaHoney and @IamJennaShea captured the eyes of MTO which led us to believe that he may have cheated on Kimbella. One of the ladies tweeted “F*ck MTO!! I never said I slept with Juelz, Jenna did… FOH.”

This conversation started the mayhem:

@LyssaHoney: and um… since when do Juelz & Kim live together? becuz u know what? never mind.”- after their son was born I WAS ova there

@LyssaHoney and no sign of her so ha

@LyssaHoney reality n real life her man a freak to owwww lol

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