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Reality show star Tila Tequila has been spouting all kinds of lovey-dovey things about new boyfriend Ray J on her Twitter, but lately the focus has been on someone else. And that focus has NOT been good.

As of late, Tila’s beefing with someone who, if everyone’s guessing right, has knocked her up. Check out the evidence, below [via EgyptSaidSo.com]:

1. Pt 2: Aside from that though….I have some huge news to announce that would SHAKE the whole country up, but maybe I shouldn’t announce it9:51 PM May 12th from web

2. Pt 3: cuz if I tell people this….I’m telling you….it would just change EVERYTHING! Everyone will be VERY shocked…so Imma hush 4 now9:52 PM May 12th from web

3. Trust me, this is LIFE CHANGING and not a small thing. Even I was shocked when I found out….Let’s all pray. Let’s just say I got hip hop.9:54 PM May 12th from web

4. Someone is not stepping up the the plate…but it’s all good. We all know I have more balls then you will ever have and your a man! Whatever2:17 AM May 13th from web

5. I guess it’s true what they say. You are what you eat, and you sir, are a p*ssy.2:17 AM May 13th from web

6. I make my own m*thaf*&kin money, Im my own boss b*tch, so dont think I need you for anything. I will take care of it myself then. P*ssy.2:40 AM May 13th from web

7. You should at least step up to the plate or I’m gonna have to put you on blast in the media….and IM SURE thats not what you want do you?2:43 AM May 13th from web

8. I’m talking about someone very very very very very f*cking famous! He is like A-list famous and you follow him on twitter too.2:47 AM May 13th from web

9. All I know is if this m*therf*$ker doesnt step up soon Im gonna have to go to the media and put him on blast. imma give him 1 chance step up2:56 AM May 13th from web

This sounds like something serious! If she’s not pregnant, our next guess would be a meeeeean STD.

So what do you think? Pregnant or not? And who’s the dad? Does Ray-J count as “A-list famous”????


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