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Is your cell phone always ringing with a family member by marriage on the line? Does your wife lean heavy on you to get the job done for the in-laws even though there are plenty of able bodied men around – relatives, in-laws and otherwise? In your own family, are you the one everyone calls because they know: 1) you’re gonna pick up the phone; 2) you can’t say no; and 3) not only do you come through, you go above and beyond what is asked of you…every time, all the time? And if you’re one of these men, doesn’t it get tiring? Don’t you just want to tell everyone to go somewhere? Every once in a while wouldn’t it be nice for someone to do something nice for you? But then you realize, they’re too busy asking you for stuff to be bothered offering themselves to you.

It’s not easy being a son-in-law on speed dial. These men are forced to walk the thin line of not wanting to disappoint but not being taken advantage of in the process…

To read the rest of this article, go to BlackandMarriedWithKids.com. Do you find yourself taking advantage of your son-in-law without even knowing it? Are you a son-in-law who feels like he’s doing too much for his other family? Tell us!

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