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Our favorite Southern Belles are doing thee most again, but I guess it wouldn’t be “Real Housewives of Atlanta” if that weren’t the case. Phaedra and Apollo are planning their son’s church dedication ceremony but of course with a little help from Dwight, it becomes an over-the-top-lavish-ceremony-fit-for-a-king.

Meanwhile, Kroy returns home from football camp, and Kim and her daughters welcome him home with a home cooked meal, that is prepared by a personal chef. When Kroy walks in the door, he’s greeted by Kim, her daughters and baby KJ all dressed in Kroy’s football team’s colors. When Kroy brings Kim’s youngest daughter a present from football camp, she can’t help but to break down in tears at the gift, proving that Kroy is the best man for Kim and her family. Kim breaks the news to Kroy that she’s fired her best friend Sweetie as her personal assistant, and Kroy responds with “good.” I guess you can’t mix business with pleasure.

Sheree is helping her daughter’s boyfriend, Damon, find an engagement ring and helping him prepare to pop the question. Damon and Sheree seem to disagree on their views on what type of engagement ring Tierra would like and while Sheree continues to push Damon towards the expensive jewelry, Damon begins to get a little nervous and starts reconsidering his decision to get engaged right now. At the end of their engagement ring experience, Damon finally admits to Sheree that he doesn’t think he’s ready to make that big step and get engaged right now, but ensures her that he is going to marry Tierra, but just not right now. Sheree respects Damon for coming to her and talking to her about it first, but I can’t help but to think that Sheree may have had a slight influence on Damon’s decision to wait a little longer to pop the question.

The time comes for Ayden’s church ceremony and only Cynthia and Peter actually show up on time. After an over the top ceremony, it’s time for the reception when Kim and Kroy finally arrive. Since they arrived so late, they are forced to sit at a table with Cynthia and Peter. Talk about awkward. Kim is still upset with Cynthia over the whole, “black baby” situation, so she doesn’t make an effort to have much of a conversation with her while they’re at the table and Kroy doesn’t make an effort to speak to Peter at all since he’s still upset at him for starting an argument with Apollo during Kim’s baby shower.

After an extremely awkward reception, they all get up to leave but before they get into their cars to head home, Kim approaches Cynthia and addresses the situation. Cynthia is at first reluctant to discuss the situation with Kim because she doesn’t believe that this is the time nor the place, however, Kim keeps urging Cynthia to tell her the truth. Cynthia admits that she doesn’t even remember exactly what was said during the conversation in Africa, but apologizes for it and the two attempt to put the whole thing behind them. I’m glad this situation was finally put to rest because I for one am tired of hearing about it!

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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