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As a full time mom, I find myself looking for opportunities where I can provide my child with social activities with other children. In my community there are numerous playgroups that you can join which I found on www.meetup.com.

The journey of finding the right playgroup is still very much a journey. We now have joined three different playgroups. The first one we joined, I think my daughter was just too small and she really couldn’t interact with the kids so I figured what was the point, so we stopped going. The second playgroup we joined was a centered around all different races of moms and their kids. Most group members were African American or Latino. This group was great for us as my daughter was old enough and I thought it was important for her to interact with kids of similar demographics. This group just closed as the leader stepped down. However, I still talk to some of the ladies from this group.

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The third group we joined was right in our neighborhood and some of the members from the first group where in this group. This group has worked out thus far but we recently stopped going and I’m not sure why. I find myself always back at square one with these playgroups that’s why I say it’s still a journey. I can’t quite pinpoint the problem as I think my daughter enjoys herself when we go.

I am beginning to think that not only do the playgroups have to be enjoyable for your children but I also think they need to be enjoyable for the parents. I am having trouble really relating to the moms in the group and building relationships. This doesn’t ring true for all the moms I have met because some I still have a relationship with even though the playgroup we were in has ended. I am happy about that.

But I find myself at these playgroups not really having much to say and feeling awkward as my child plays with the other kids. Maybe I should  just accept the playgroup for what it is and not over-analyze it too much. I assume that maybe once she goes to school, the playgroups won’t be as important as she will be getting the social interaction she needs at school. This is something I really don’t have an answer for yet. I guess we will keep participating until I reach come clarity.

Do you and your child participate in playgroups?

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