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Ex-girlfriend Katie Rost spoke on (by speaking we mean blogging on Russell Simmons’ new and current relationship with Julie Henderson and divulged some peculiar info on her relationship with Russ and Julie:

Ok, let’s move past all of that. I’m not a petty, competitive woman! (Yes I am) but I’m totally ok with the fact that my time with Russell was beautiful but brief. I am genuinely happy that our friendship has formed in the wake. I’m also happy that he has found someone else whose company he enjoys.

No, no, no people, I’m not going to hate on Julie Henderson! She’s extremely cute for a White girl. (I’m more partial to the ethnic look, but to each their own.)  I’ve got to give it up to Julie for getting like 5000 hits on the Sports Illustrated pics and video (which are indeed smoking hot) when they were posted on Global Grind.

Anyway, when Julie and Russell got in last night and came to say goodnight to me, I was chillin in the downstairs guestroom. I had passed out listening to a Deepak Chopra’s self-help lecture with a mud mask on. Russell opened the door and asked me if I had a man in the bed. Julie told me I looked oily. They then ran upstairs giggling and having a “we’re a couple and you are a loser who is alone in bed with a f*cking mud mask on your face” moment.  But like I said before, all of that is absolutely fine with me. I’m fine in the guest room, Fine fine fine!

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