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Making your own custom upholstered headboard can be a fun and satisfying project and will definitely add personality to your bedroom.

Here are some tips on how to make your own headboard in 4 simple steps from squidoo.com:

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What you need:

* A 1/4 Plywood Base

* Foam

* Padding/Wadding/Fiber Fill

* Fabric

You Will Need These Tools

* Jigsaw

* Pencil/Marker

* Scissors / Stanley Knife

* Staple Gun

* Tape Measure

1) Measure your bed that you are making the headboard for

Cut out the desired shape of your headboard out of the plywood. There are many shapes you can design, it really just depends on how you want your headboard to look.

2) Cut out the foam to go on your headboard and use an adhesive to glue it in place. I usually lay the foam on top of the headboard and use a carving knife to shear the excess material away till I achieve the shape I want. This bit can be quite time consuming but well worth doing well to get that solid look and feel at the end result.

3) Cover the headboard with the padding or wadding and again glue in place. This is fairly simple, what you want to aim to do is give an EVEN covering of wadding so the headboard is proportionally stuffed.

Stretch the fabric over the headboard making sure it is tight and tac/glue/nail in to position on the back.

Depending on how much love you give it, will directly determine the end result. Spend time, have patience and measure twice cut once.

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