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We remember when Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thorton wore vials of blood around their necks, Nick’s crazy full back tattoo of Mariah’s name…but wearing your man’s face on your finger nails??? Yes, that’s right. Beyonce wears decals of Jay’s image on her nail to keep him close to her heart. Bey admitted this to Marie Claire:

Beyoncé also admitted to wearing decals of Jay’s image on her nails to keep him close to her at all times. “It’s just a silly thing that makes me smile,” she told the magazine.

Jeez, what happened to a simple photo in a locket?

Beyonce also admitted to having a wardrobe the size of China and how she gets tons of free designer gear sent to her all the time:

“I probably get about 15 bags sent to me a month. Armani gave me this croc bag, which was huge – I could only imagine how much that thing cost. It would be so expensive that even I wouldn’t buy it. There are some bags that are pretty hot. But then I haven’t bought myself a Hermes Birkin bag because I think they are just too expensive.”

So we guess Beyonce is now recession-proof.

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