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Rihanna who has been working non-stop and was allegedly on the verge of a break-down last week got some much needed advice from Beyonce who advised her to slow down and take a year off.

The Bajan singer, 23 lost it just hours before she was due to perform in Dublin last Friday. She finally took to the stage after making a tearful phone call to Beyonce, who was able to talk her down. Rihanna went ahead with the concert as planned and wrote online afterwards: “I’m so light-headed!” The star is suffering from exhaustion amid the stress of her gruelling ten-month, 101-date tour.

A source said: “She’s just a young woman who just wants to have fun, but she was feeling pretty low.

“It’s a mix of exhaustion and stress. She’s been partying hard to take her mind off things, but there are days when she wakes up and doesn’t even know where she is because of the traveling.

“It’s no wonder she is feeling down.”

Beyonce, 30, advised Rihanna to complete her tour commitments ā€” then take a year off to relax. “The Crazy In Love” diva took a break in 2009 to spend time with hubby Jay-Z. The source added: “She knows Rihanna needs downtime or she’ll burn out.”

Being an entertainer may look glamorous, but it’s a grueling lifestyle! RiRi your fans need you to slow down and get some rest! Even her doctors have told her to slow down on her fun before it takes a serious toll on her health.


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