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Here at HelloBeautiful we just love celebrating Black love. Every Wednesday we profile newly engaged couples as they describe t he moment he decided to “Put A Ring On It”.

His Story:

The past two years of our relationship, the talk of getting married was always in the air but  11/11/11 was a day that will never repeat in our lifetime and it was also the day I decided to make it real.

That day, I took her to the salon for some well deserved pampering to prepare for a night out. For dinner, I decided to take her to The Cheesecake Factory, which is where we had our first date.  Once dinner was over, she was ready to relax and head home, but what Stephanie didn’t know was that the night had just started. When she noticed that I passed our exit home she began bombarding me with questions. I told her to not worry and relax. I drove her straight in to Manhattan and parked in midtown.

In the cold weather, I walked her to the “Love Statue” and we stood and chatted about love. I stalled a few minutes before I asked because I wasn’t sure whether to stand or get down on one knee or stand (tough decision–I stood).  Once I calmed down, (I was a little nervous) I hugged her and said, “Do you know that this is one of the top five places in NYC that people propose,” she said, “Really?!” I said ” Yup, and it’s pretty nice isn’t it?” She agreed. I then took her hand out of her pocket and said, “Will you marry me?” I have asked her this many times in the past two years of our relationship, but this time was real -and I had a ring to prove it.

She started to cry as I placed the ring on her finger. We walked back to the car but she didn’t know the night still wasn’t over. I had planned for her family to be waiting at her mother’s house for us. When we arrived at the house, her whole family was waiting with champagne, and once she opened the door she was shocked!

Her Story:

I have been with Earl since 2005 and we began dating in 2006 and have a beautiful three-year-old son from our unwavering love.

Earl proposed to me on a Friday but that whole week was full of treats and surprises. The day he said those magical words, he took me to the salon which was a much needed and appreciated surprise. When I got home from the salon the rest of the afternoon was relaxing and we spent it together. That evening we were going out to dinner and he told me to wear a dress and not to worry about the kids, because my mom would be babysitting them. I didn’t ask questions because I love surprises.

When we got into the car he told me he was taking me to The Cheesecake Factory, where we had our first date, I love that place.  After dinner, I thought we were heading home but he bypassed our exit and was driving towards Manhattan. I asked where we were going and he said, “sit back and relax.” He drove us into New York City and took us to the “Love Statue” in midtown-Manhattan where we chatted for a few minutes before he asked, “Will you marry me?”

We’ve discussed marriage many times and to see that the day finally came touched my heart. I laughed and exclaimed that I would. I blinked and five seconds later he pulled out the ring, all I could do was cry as he placed it on my finger and said, “I’m ready.” I thought we were heading straight home but when we got back in the car we were heading to my mother’s house.

As I walked through the door all I could hear was my entire family screaming “Congratulations!!!”  The family already knew about the greatest pre-holiday surprise ever!

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