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Last night was the season finale of “Basketball Wives LA” and it went down as “judgment day” where the girls finally confront Jackie for all the drama she caused during their vacation in Hawaii. But first, the return of Kimsha Artest who’s been SUPER MIA since the first episode of this season. She meets with Jackie and says that she’s been on vacation away from LA all summer long (riiight…). Jackie fills Kimsha in on all the drama that has happened while she’s been away. I’m sure Kimsha doesn’t remember all these names or faces. I mean, did she even get a chance to meet all of the girls before her “departure”?

Anyway, the stories that Jackie is telling Kimsha go in through one ear and right out the other. The only response that Kimsha has for Jackie is, “Let go and let God”. Finally a sensible one in the bunch!

Laura drops the bombshell on the rest of the girls that she’s moving to Orlando to be closer to her children’s father. She thinks that she is strong enough to make that big step for her family. Gloria and her parents through Laura a going away/birthday party to bid her farewell and happy birthday.

Speaking of Gloria, her and Matt have officially make it clear that they are no longer a couple, and Gloria has even found her own place, without Matt. I guess she finally became fed up of Matt’s ways, and decided to venture out on her own… good luck!!

And now, for judgment day. The girls were dressed in all black and looked like they were ready for war. Before Jackie arrived, they wrote all the things that Jackie said about them down on a piece of paper, just in case Jackie came in and tried to manipulate everyone into thinking that she was right and they were wrong. Jackie enters the restaurant and the girls are just about ready to go in on her, but first, Jackie has to order her drink or as Draya would call it, “her spinach, her liquid courage”.

Ding ding, round one begins and everyone starts going in on Jackie and throwing all the truth on the table. Jackie is still sticking to her word that the other girls are crazy but without answering any of their questions because according to Laura, “kooky don’t have no answers”.

With no end in sight, the girls finally just decide that it’s no getting through to Kooky Jackie and think it’s best they part ways for good.

Finally, someone makes sense of this situation!! Next week is the reunion, I can’t wait to see what goes down!

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