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Mariah Carey is the new spokesperson of weight loss program Jenny Craig. As the new mother of twins, Mariah’s recent drop of 30 pregnancy pounds makes her an excellent candidate.

The singer claims the Jenny Craig system – of 1,500 calories per day – helped her lose the weight, along with a nutritionist and exercising 3 days a week.

She told Us Weekly:

“I gained an enormous amount of weight. I was scared I was never going to walk again. I feel incredible but it was a long road. Being pregnant felt longer than it was. It was a huge blessing to be able to have the babies but I felt trapped in my body because I couldn’t move. At the beginning (after pregnancy), I was breast feeding, so I had to eat more than I normally would. It was frustrating. I’m proud of how hard I worked to get my body back. I had to do this for me.”

As brand ambassador of the company, she’ll also be partnering with the American Heart Association. She wrote in a statement:

“Two-thirds of the country is placing themselves at risk for heart disease and diabetes. Largely, that is due to unhealthy eating patterns and lack of physical activity. I obtained a greater understanding of this when I was pregnant with my twins and dealing with my own health issues. That’s why I feel so strongly about working with Jenny and the American Heart Association to help Americans get serious about their health as it pertains to these issues which are so important.”

And she told the Associated Press:

“We just lost Heavy D. I considered him my friend and … he was (in his) early 40s, so it’s serious. It’s really serious.”

Good for you, Mimi!

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