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We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t change a man,” well the folks at cosmo.com says you can train them, and it comes from an unlikely source: animal trainers.

We know you so want in on this. That’s why Cosmo uncovered time-tested methods used by the most successful animal trainers on the planet. Then we got top psychologists to show you how to apply those techniques to your guy.

Would you change for a guy?

Read on and you will soon be able to teach him some new tricks

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Indulge His Playfulness

As Used on Chimpanzees

These primates are big mischief makers, so getting them to calm down can be a real bitch. Luckily, if you indulge their silly side, you have a good shot at getting them to pay attention. “When we need the chimps to perform a task, we get on their level and play with them for 5 or 10 minutes,” says Eugene Cussons, rescue director on Animal Planet’s Escape to Chimp Eden. Once they’ve had some fun, they’re more willing to heed commands because they instinctively know it’s their turn to return the favor.

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Apply It to Your Guy

No matter how old they are, men never quite lose touch with the playful, naughty boy within. Too bad they often pick the worst times to bring out that brat – like when you’re running late for work or need them to do something around the house. To get what you need done, “indulge him with a few minutes of acting goofy,” says Anthony Riche, PhD, author of Finally! How to Stop Dating Losers Forever. Then tell him you’ll finish playing with him later, as long as he takes out the trash or does whatever else you need him to do. Since his mind and body are now surging with feel-good chemicals from your brief, fun exchange, he’s less likely to wrinkle his nose at the request, says Riche. Use this technique consistently and, over time, he’ll be less likely to associate chores with drudgery.

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