Hellobeautiful Featured Video

August 28, 2011 several celebrities were honored at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Millions of fans tuned into the highly rated award show to watch their favorite celebrities, musicians and hosts shine on the red carpet. There I laid, joining my peers, glued to the TV screen critiquing ensembles and hoping for a wardrobe malfunction from Trey Songz (didn’t happen). Low and behold in the midst of Nicki Minaj’s “Pokemon” get-up, a glowing Beyonce strolls across my tube cradling a barely there baby bump. Stop the press! Bey’s pregnant! Where’s Jay-Z? Bey’s not a virgin?! When did this happen… I had to stop myself from thinking. Why the h*ll did I care so much?

I calmed down, posted the article on HelloBeautiful then went about my normal routine…then it happened again. Bey took to the stage to perform “Love On Top” in a dazzling blazer (which I want). After hitting every normal Beyonce rift she could contrive the jacket flew off revealing her bump again! She rubbed her tummy proud to be showcasing what looked like five months of, well…”Love On Top.” I was excited for her. Pregnancy is a beautiful and special feeling, inexplicable to anyone who hasn’t gone through it. Fair enough, Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting (we watched as Kanye jumped into Jay’s arms).

The next few events would prove just how “prego” Beyonce really is…or would they? Bey’s belly would make appearances to say the least, sometimes showing up or not showing at all. Some folks question whether Bey is really even pregnant. I’m not one of those people, I believe she is but this whole baby bump debacle is too odd to not think twice about. I want to admit that I think she is wearing a “prosthetic” bump but that isn’t what I see so wrong with the situation. I was asked by a co-worker “Do you think she’s wearing a fake baby bump?” and my response was “I’m more concerned with the fact that if she is, it is society’s doing. It is our fault.”

“Interesting” she responded.

What kind of world do we live in? where women have to wear fake baby bumps to appease the public. The same public who poked and prodded the superstar until she announced that she was pregnant. After announcing the pregnancy we have actually started to not believe her. Some think King Bey has a surrogate, who will carry the baby for Bey so she doesn’t alter her “perfected” body. Damn is there no appeasing the public?

On top of pregnancy doubts by on-lookers, we then criticize Bey for possibly wearing a baby bump which is more so for us than her. She is trying to give us exactly what we want, a fat, bare foot Beyonce singing “goo-goo, ga-ga” and making maternity clothing. Is this woman not human? Are we so wrapped up in one person’s life that we don’t see the bigger issue here? We forced Beyonce to wear a “fake baby bump” if she indeed is. She is trying to maintain our holier than thou image of herself which leads me to realize that all of us–Beyonce and every person pointing the finger out there have way too much influence on one another.

We expect everything Beyonce does to be grand, dramatic and over-the-top. She even fell down a flight of stairs dramatically! If Bey wasn’t “showing” had no “glow” would we be as happy about her being pregnant? no we certainly wouldn’t. We’d call her boring and some bold few would probably call the fetus boring, spoiled, a diva even!

Who the h*ll cares if she is wearing a baby bump, I hope the baby is healthy! He or she is going to be rich anyway!