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ARIES – March 21 – April 19

This week make more time to be social.  Put your hands on more challenges that allow people to see what you can really do, this also builds your self-confidence.  Stop allowing friends and family take advantage of your good will, learn to say no.  Any business deals should be thoroughly looked into; there could be some deep regret.  Watch for your irritabilities and learn to apply that energy somewhere more constructive.  Love is heating up just in time for the cooler weather.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Be meticulous with your personal finances this week.  One number or expense will throw things way off causing a financial headache.  Go through things with a fine tooth comb and know exactly where every penny is going.  No digging holes for yourself being frivolous.  Enter passion and companionship.  Good times coming in the love department, do not move so fast.  Long term is the goal, not fly by night.  Careful not to let an emotional matter get in the way of your progress, being successful is the best revenge.  Learn to give in to your higher self when making major decisions, it knows best.

GEMINI – May 22 – June 21

Busy period coming up for working hard for everything that you achieve.  Things become less taxing by next month, and you will see results of your labors.  So work now and know the work will pay off.  Get out and mingle more or if already involved go for a more romantic atmosphere to make things closer.  Potential good partnerships develops over the next few weeks, take the lead.  Keep away from over spending in order to impress others, if that is necessary then you are around the wrong crowd.  Stop looking back and look forward for new love, work, friends etc.   Not everyone will see things your way, so no heated debates that lead to arguments or hard feelings.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Give people a fair chance before making conclusions about them.  Any upcoming business deals understand what is expected of you from the top and vice versa.  This cuts confusion from what can be a worthy situation.  Emotions around a love situation could get out of hand, keep things in the right perspective and be rational.  Missed opportunities may plague you for months if you are not more on top of things.  No time for missed chances right now.  Diligence and determination should be at its highest.  Love is not eluding you, you are eluding love.  Slow down and be more open.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

Take action now, there is absolutely nothing you can not accomplish.  Believe it and own it, the Leo in you is invincible.  Do not share so much emotional information with so many people, especially those you work with.  The planets are working in your favor over the next 3 weeks.  Start something or finish something really important because success is almost guaranteed.  Very careful over the next few months extending your credit, you may start the New Year off on the wrong foot.  Any and all disappointing relationships should be boxed and discarded.  Today is a brand new day.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Do not let emotions stand in the way of things that need to be completed.  Live up to your word or obligation and move swiftly on the tasks.  It is very important to live within your means and your morals.  Be precise and productive with your time, enough of putting it off until tomorrow.  The procrastination will come back to bite you.  You have ideas to make extra money, be fearless and make the ideas a reality.  It will be money in bank.  The real life love rollercoaster you have been on is about to slow down and be very nice.  Enjoy.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Be all ears for new opportunities to keep missing out.  You have been easily bored at social gathering, be the one to make things livelier and exciting, it’s what you do.  Be more communicative with everyone about what’s on your mind, holding back causes a buildup of tension that leads to problems, let it out.  Stay away from arguments and debates if you do not have your facts straight.  Enjoy the comfort of friends and family more.  Put all efforts into a failing relationship whether romantic or platonic, it can be saved.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

Finances will gradually become stronger in the coming month.  Hopefully you will learn to put some away for a rainy day.  Do not allow yourself to become overly emotional at work, do your job and save that for private time.  Love options pop up out of nowhere sort through them and use discretion.  If already partnered, do something extra special for that special person, its high time you gave some extra attention.  Careful of what secrets you keep when it comes to something of great importance, the truth is going to be revealed anyway.  Time to reassess your emotional, physical and spiritual self, improvement here can turn your life completely around.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

Be careful not to allow something or someone from your past hold you back.  Some work projects may be place on hold, so do not fret.  By December/January things will be in high gear and rolling strong.  Remain patient and stay prepared.  A social gathering will result in an unseen opportunity for romance.  Do not become careless with your possessions, having them possibly stolen or losing them could occur.  Watch what you are doing.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 19

Do not keep secrets from your partner; you will be accused of hiding something.  Emotions become difficult to contain at home, take deep breaths and let them pass. Past relationships that have disappointed you should remain there.  Use you excess energy toward physical fitness activities, time to step it up.  Expand your circle of friends and associates, you are too confined.  A big world out there with more exciting and interesting people, find them and have more fun.  Wiser choices are needed when it comes to the arguments or fights you choose.

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 18

Love is highlighted this week along with some possible legal matters.  Be sure all traffic tickets have been taken care of.  Learn how to say no when you feel you are being taken advantage of.  You can be to giving at times.  Do not get mad get busy, no time for games.  There is a lot you have wanted to accomplish that remains unfinished.  Push forward now and get ahead of the game for your New Year aspirations and goals.  If you have been smoking, this is a great time to rid you of that or any other bad habit.

PISCES – February – March 20

Friends have been complaining about your recent lack of availability.  Explain you have been busy and not neglecting.  Over the coming weeks you will be back in the social loop.  Love and happiness shows up unannounced.  Be open, and make time for the ones who put forth effort and interest.  Do not make impulsive financial decisions that you will regret, not the time to dig a hole for yourself.  It’s good to work hard for what you want, just be sure you balance with some fun and self improvement.



I have a struggle that has been going on for years and I just can’t find any peace.  I have been to the doctor, friends, and to the Pastor of my church to get an answer and I am still empty handed.  Back in 2008 I got married to a wonderful woman.  The problem is that I have been fighting being attracted to men.  I have had some slight interaction with men, but never a relationship.  This is so hard for me; please do not use my name.  I grew up in a strong Latino family that looks down on homosexuality.  There was no way it would be accepted so I figured I needed to find a wife.  I am at my wits end with this.  I want to be happy with her, but I am not happy at all.  She is happy, but lately has noticed me being withdrawn.  I have never told her about these feelings and I am afraid to do that.  Would you or do you have any advice for me.  Help me I am so desperate.

Hey Desperate,

Very tough situation to find yourself in and if I had some kind of pill to fix it I would ship it to you ASAP.   This is a situation and a circumstance that has to be fixed by your heart and mind.  First and foremost, you are not being honest with yourself, let alone your wife.  As hard as it may be finding the strength to face who you are is going to be the key to your peace of mind.  Without any judgment, I think you should have had some kind of discussion with your wife before marrying her so that she could decide if this was a route that she could possibly deal with if it came to it.  You say that you have only had “slight” interaction with men, but that’s not what I see.  There have been some emotional attachments and not to mention physical and it looks like the physical is in the present and recent past.  Even if you were not struggling with the issue of being attracted to men you are still going outside your marriage which is never good.  My advice is that you gather the courage to talk to her about this, I feel like you will not do this for a while just because of the unknown of her reaction.  She is the Queen of Wands which indicates to me that she will have some compassion for you and this situation.  You can consult 50 Pastors, 100 doctors and even 30 psychics, but again this is a situation that has to be dealt with from your heart and soul.  This challenge you face has something to do with a past life lesson and Karmic debt.  The outcome was the 10 of Cups which means at some point you will allow yourself to live a fulfilling life and truly be happy.  Put on your big boy gear and face this dilemma head on you will survive it.  Good Luck!!


SHARON OSBOURNE  – October 9, 1952

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DICK GREGORY – October 12, 1935

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JERRY RICE – October 13, 1962

MARIE OSMOND – October 13, 1959

LOURDES CICCONE LEON –  October 14, 1996

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RALPH LAUREN – October 1, 1939

JOHN MAYER – October 16, 1977

SUZANNE SOMERS – October 16, 1946

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