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It’s down to the final three bachelors on “The Ultimate Merger” and the home stretch of Toccara’s search for love. On this episode, the boys follow Toccara to the beach during her photo-shoot to get hot and sexy for the cameras and to see what she will look like in pictures with her potential men.

All the guys looked hot, or attempted to anyway (although Cedric should have kept his shirt on) but Toccara and Jason’s chemistry was crazy and definitely made the other men a little jealous.

The winner of this challenge was Jason, but not because he did a good job, only because she had a few questions to ask him.

After drilling Jason with a bunch of questions to get deeper into his mind, the group traveled to beautiful St. Martin for a little vacation before the elimination began.

Toccara took the men by the pool to have a little chat with them before their first night in St Martian began. During their chat, Kevin surprised the group and shows up. Now remember, Kevin was eliminated a while ago, so his appearance of course posed a threat to the remaining men and had them shaking a little.

Now, instead of only three men to choose from, she had four.

In the end, Toccara eliminated Cedric and Kevin leaving her with two bachelors left for next week’s episode. WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE?

Tune in next week to find out!

Check out the full episode here

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