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Rihanna’s father says Chris Brown is old news and his daughter is over him.

Speaking to Us Weekly about his daughter’s recent vacation in her native Barbados, Ronald Fenty said: “Chris sounds like old news to me… [Rihanna is a] different person, back to herself. It’s like Chris never existed. She seems reborn.”

Sources close to Chris’ camp tell Hollyscoop that Rihanna wants nothing to do with Chris, and is going to great lengths not to be at the same place at the same time to avoid media speculation of a reunion.

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According to OK! magazine, Rihanna has finally come to her senses and told woman beater Chris Brown to kick rocks. We wonder if it’s true or just another damage control spin to salvage her career?

Looking ridiculously hot in a bikini, (we can’t even hate) Rihanna enjoys a cold one while vacationing in Barbados:

From OK! magazine:

“Chris called Rihanna’s producer until he finally got him on the phone,” an insider told OK!. “He demanded to know if Rihanna was there, pleading ‘Is she there? Tell Me! Pease tell me if she is there or not.'”

When Rihanna heard the commotion, she gestured to the producer, “No! Tell him I’m not here.”

If the district attorney asks her, Rihanna’s lawyer has said she will testify in Brown’s trial for assault and making criminal threats.

Brown’s layers are trying to make a plea deal before the next scheduled court date, May 28.

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