Leave it to Dave Chappelle to make breast milk funny. In one of his most hilarious sketches, a spoof of “Making The Band 2,” Chappelle imitates a hard-to-please Diddy sending the members of The Band to get breast milk from a Cambodian immigrant. “I only drink the finest of breast milks,” he declared. Upon their return from “milking a Cambodian” “Diddy” clinks together the empty bottles singing “breast miiilk, you made my daaaay,” a reference to Diddy’s reference of The Warriors movie in “Flavor In Your Year.”

Though “Chappelle’s Show” stopped taping years ago, that sketch lives on in my house. My son was breastfed and our daughter is being given breast milk as well. At the conclusion of many feedings, my wife will sing the breast milk song to celebrate another full belly.

Beyond the health benefits to a baby, breastfeeding has been a financial lifesaver to us. The Medela breast pump that we purchased six years ago for our son is still pushing along for our daughter, and with infant formula costing almost $20 a can (depending on the size), we are saving a considerable amount of money. CLICK HERE FOR A CHART.

The other benefit of pumping is that I actually get to help with the feedings. We keep several containers of milk in the fridge and have almost a gallon in the basement freezer for when my wife returns to work.

There has been some controversy about breastfeeding in public and from experience I don’t have a problem with it, as long as it’s discreet. We were recently at a neighborhood diner when Sabrina finished the bottle we brought with us and demanded more to eat. I don’t think any crying child should be left hungry, so my wife covered herself with a blanket and let the baby feed.

Some people go further to argue that women shouldn’t have to cover themselves during public breastfeeding, but I honestly feel more comfortable with a little discretion. Why? I’m not completely sure. However, I know that we had a long talk with our son explaining to him what breastfeeding was all about before his sister was born, but I can’t assume the other parents in the diner with their kids felt the same way or had that same discussion. Some families don’t breast feed at all, but now they have to explain to their kid why that lady whipped out her privates to feed a baby.

When we’re in public, we all make polite concessions – even if we’re within our legal rights. We don’t HAVE to cover our noses when we sneeze, but aren’t we all glad we do? Word to the Swine Flu.

How afraid are you of saggy boobs?

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