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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony’s divorce is underway. The couple announced their decision to separate in July, and while Jen spoke to Vanity Fair about the split, Marc opened up to Nightline in an interview that will air tonight. TMZ has a sneak peek video:

What can you tell us about what went wrong?

I’ll tell you that it wasn’t some sensationalistic happening.

Was it infidelity?

No, absolutely not. Nothing sensationlistic.

There are reports of an affair with a flight attendant.

It was the ‘flight attendant,’ it was the ‘pilot,’ I heard. There was this guy sitting next to me at a rehab in Houston, I’ve heard it all. Celebrity watching and speculation, it’s almost like a sport.

What was the real reason for the break-up?

It was a realiztion on both our parts. It wasn’t shocking. These things happen. These things happen.

Do you want this divorce?

It’s a decision that we made jointly. And that’s how I’ll answer that.

Do you still love Jennifer?

I’ll always love Jennifer. Yeah. I’ll always love Jennifer. She knows that. The importance is that she knows that and that my kids know that.

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