Everyone wants their wedding to be remembered as fun and entertaining. But, let’s be honest…most wedding receptions follow the same timeline: cocktail hour, dinner, dancing. We’ve got some ideas on how to spice up your wedding reception so that it’s fun and memorable.

Hire An Artist

Have an artist at the event who will paint the live action on canvas. Guests will wander over to watch the artist at work while the event is taking place. It may take the artist a couple of hours to finish the work and guests will keep checking back to see the progress. And you’ve got a great painting of your event that you can hang in your home!

Rent A Photo Booth

The first time we rented a photo booth for a reception, we weren’t sure how it would go over. It was a HUGE success. At several points during the evening, there was a line at the photo booth with guests waiting for their chance to jump inside and take photos…either alone or in a group. Photo booths are great when people get hot and sweaty on the dance floor and want to take a break. They can wander out of the party, cool off and snap some silly pics!

Hire A Food Truck Vendor

Food trucks are all the rage in the wedding world. Hire one to set up camp at your event, perhaps for the cocktail hour or for a fun dessert option. This is especially a great option for outdoor weddings. Or, you could hire a food truck to park at your event and offer late-night snacks.


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