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woman wearing underwearDear Gay Best Friend,

I just read the article about the guy and his ex trying to sneak her way back into his life. I have a question about my situation.

I have recently married the girl of my dreams, but my ex and I have a daughter together and it gets hard sometimes not being able to stay with my daughter for as long as I want to. When I go over to my ex’s house to pick up my daughter she comes to the door in these tight ass panties and I just can’t seem to take my eyes off her. I think she is doing it on purpose, but she is taking over my mind like my dreams and everything. None of this has affected my wife though, not yet at least.  What do you think I should do? – Trying To Remain True

“I haven’t Dated A Brother Ever Since My White/Asian Ex, And I’m Afraid To Start Again”

Dear Mr. Trying To Remain True,

Well, speak up and say something! Open your damn mouth and tell your ex, “Look, I’m going to need for you to put on some clothes when I come to pick up our daughter. It’s inappropriate and disrespectful.”

But, you’re not going to say anything. You are enjoying the view, and reminiscing about the things you used to do with your ex. Those tight ass panties are causing your loins to stir. You want to rush inside the house and savagely take your ex. SMDH!

We’re all human. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you’re blind. It doesn’t make you all-of-sudden faithful to your wife. Yes, you married the woman of your dreams, but know that temptation is at every step in the world. No matter where you go and what you’re doing, you’re going to see things and be in situations where it’s going to make you remember how you’re still human. Your “little man” is still active and in operation. He’s going to wake up. But, it takes restraint. It takes your human spirit of morality, love, and desire to be faithful, true, and honest to not only yourself, but your wife.

But, why are you acting brand new with me. If your ex comes to the door in her panties, uhm, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she’s doing.  Every time you come over she’s always in her panties? Boy, please! You have to set the boundaries. You have to man up and stop acting like your 16-years old.

I want to punch you in the back of your head. Over there talking about, “I just can’t seem to take my eyes off her. I think she is doing it on purpose, but she is taking over my mind like my dreams and everything.” Uhm, close your damn eyes! Turn away! Don’t go in the house when you go to pick up your daughter. Stay outside. As a matter of fact, call and tell your ex that she needs to meet you outside and to bring your daughter out to the car. As a matter of fact, change the pick-up location for your daughter. Have her meet you in a mutual location, in public. Don’t engage in small talk. Just pick up your daughter and leave!!! You see how simple that is? I swear some of you men have no balls. You claim to be a man, yet you freeze up with that dumb ass stupid look on your face looking like Forrest Gump. Ole’ special needs ass!

And, if she’s taking over your dreams and everything, then you have a problem. Chile, it sounds like someone is p***y-whipped. Somebody’s been laced with some good na na, and don’t know how to let it go. I’m here to tell you to turn and walk away from the crack p***y. It’s dangerous.

But, on the real, you’ve started the process for cheating. The only thing standing between you and your ex is you! If you’re dreaming about her, and you are having thoughts about being with her, eventually you will want to make it a reality. You will convince yourself that the reasons you’re thinking and dreaming of her is because the two of you are supposed to be together. You’ll start having conversations with yourself wondering if you made the right choice in leaving her, and marrying your wife. Honey, trust me, folks always find a way to justify what they’re doing. And, right now you’re trying to justify your ole heathen ways. “In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you!” Where’s my Holy water?!?!

But, here is the kicker. You said, “None of this has affected my wife though, not yet at least.” What the hell you mean, “Not yet at least?” You are silly. Real silly. That statement alone means you have thought about just sneaking in and getting it in one last time. You tell yourself that you’ll do it one more time just so that you can get it over with and move on. Or, you’ve thought about letting her slide down on you, riding you like a champ a few good times. Your wife won’t know. You’ll make it quick. Rush in, put the head in, and a few humps and it’ll be over. Boy, BYE!!! The next thing you know your baby’s momma will be pregnant again, and she’ll be calling your wife giving her the blow-by-blow of how it all went down, and when in the heat of the moment you told her that you loved her.

Keep your narrow ass out of the house, and out of the coochie! You are married! Move on and move forward. Work on making your marriage a bond between you and your wife that is undeniably built on trust, honesty, and faithfulness. Don’t be another statistic. Don’t be another man caught up in the moment. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Stop thinking with your little head. It’s obvious it doesn’t have a brain just like your big head. Use restraint and use good judgment. One mistake will be the demise to you and everyone around you. (Takes and throws the Holy water on the computer and at you!) “Get back! Stay back!” – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

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