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A First Lady is nothing without an initiative, so I appreciate Michelle Obama for choosing food and fitness as hers. When I was a kid we were inundated with Drug Abuse Residence Education aka DARE. The only thing I got out of that was a t-shirt. DARE wasn’t really fun. You signed a pledge, committed to never join a gang, do drugs, or abuse alcohol.  I still frequent happy hour.

(As an aside, DARE lost its federal grant funding in 1998, after failing to meet federal guidelines that the organization be both research based and effective.)

Kids today see their First Lady exercising; she extols the virtues of better health, fitness, and has some fabulous arms to boot! These kids get to dance—with Beyoncé(!!) no less, and they’re learning how to make better nutritional decisions.

With the Let’s Move! campaign, the FLOTUS is determined to make sure every household has access fresh fruits, vegetables and other high quality food products at affordable prices.

Watch this White House video on “Food Deserts”, then visit their blog for yesterday’s speech.


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