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Can we talk honestly for just a moment about, well, sex toys? Because there is so much more to sex toys than the Rabbit. Upgrade your vibrator with one of these super-discreet expert picks. Trust us—they satisfy any bedroom need you’ve got, according to Glamour.

The Sex Toy to Try If You Want to Use It During Intercourse

The MiMi vibe is great for anyone who can’t orgasm from intercourse alone. And it will deliver. It has five vibration and pulsation patterns to choose from and works great with others. This vibrator is a perfect accompaniment to partner sex—carried in your palm, it fits easily in between your two bodies. MiMi, $79,

The Sex Toy to Try If You’re Freaked Out by How They Look

Not so into phallic-looking vibrators? The Buzzlet looks more like an iPod than a sex toy—a big plus if you live with roommates or don’t enjoy getting strange looks from your cleaning lady. It has a mod, fun look, and it’s stronger and has more varying modes than many small, portable toys. Buzzlet, $80,

The Sex Toy to Try If You’re Bored With All Your Old Ones

Go for an unusual shape or vibrator with a unique, advanced function: The Jimmyjane Form 2 is a favorite. Each of its two sides has its own motor, so you can position your clitoris in the middle and customize the sensation by adjusting the different settings. Form 2, $145,

The Sex Toy to Try If You Travel Often

The Mia vibe is an excellent travel companion: It’s small, it’s cute, and here’s the best part: It charges in your USB port. When it’s not plugged into your laptop, it looks like a tube of lipstick. So charge it up and throw it in your weekend bag or carry-on. Mia, $64,


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