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Okay, so maybe you don’t check online statistics of sports teams as much as you refresh HelloBeautiful daily, but you don’t have to be a sports guru to enjoy watching the game with your man! Rather than getting pouty and frustrated when he changes the channel to Sports Center, find a way to enjoy the experience with him. Engaging in sports (or at least trying to) is a huge turn-on to guys and it’s a great way to bond over something that he really enjoys. And honestly, it can actually be fun.

I’m not saying you have to be sitting at the edge of your seat, sweating as the timer on the TV approaches zero and your favorite player gets on the field, but let yourself soak up the energy in the room and cheer your heart out when the rest of the people in the sports bar go crazy. There’s nothing more attractive to a guy than when his girlfriend is enthusiastic about something that he loves. Rather than separating his passion for sports from his passion for you, he can combine the two things that he loves.

And if sports REALLY aren’t your thing, just think: there’s more to it than statistics and teams. There are hot players, cute jerseys that you can make into fun outfits, wings, and beer. Soak up the parts of the sporting experience that you love and your guy will really enjoy bringing you out with his bros to watch the game. Rather than sitting in the corner and texting your girlfriend about how rowdy the bar is, indulge in drinking games that have something to do with football. It’s a win/win situation: You get to drink, have fun, spend time with your guy and, of course, learn how the game works!

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