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Being one of the few people out of my friends who has a car at school, I often find myself lending out my car or offering to drive people places. One morning, my girlfriend Jill and I had planned to run some errands and finish off with an afternoon brunch and killer mimosas. When she showed up at my door lugging her bedspread and rug behind her, I knew that our plan of going to the bank and getting our nails done had changed.

“So you know that guy Nick on the swim team? Well he came over last night after we’d both been off doing our own thing. I didn’t realize how much he’d drank until we were making out and he leaned over me to vomit all over my bed and rug.

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Needless to say, we immediately bagged her bedspread and took it right over to the dry cleaners. He offered to take it to get cleaned himself after he took her out to breakfast, but all she wanted to do was complain to her girlfriends and get the stench out of her nose. While having a guy spend the night is generally exciting, Jill definitely learned a few do’s and don’t’s of sleepovers with drunk boys.

DO: Try to get a gauge of how much he drank that night. You don’t want to do anything that either of you will regret in the morning. Also, you don’t want to wake up with his dinner spread out on your pillow.

DON’T: Don’t be afraid to ask him to leave. If he’s one of those “came to a party at your house and doesn’t seem to want to go” kind of people, simply tell him that you have an early morning and it’s time for him to head out. OR, call one of your girlfriends who’s close by and ask her to show up pretending that she needs you for something important. The last thing he wants to do is get involved in some sort of girl problem.

DO: Offer him the couch if you feel uncomfortable all of a sudden. Just because he’s drunk and made the trip all the way to your place at 3am doesn’t mean that you owe him anything. If you have a change of heart and feel nervous about sending him to wander back to his place wasted, toss him in the living room and get your beauty sleep!

DON’T: Don’t make the drunken sleepovers a habit if you find that you actually like the guy. Make it a point to hang out sober and get to know him better. Just because your first encounter might have been an ‘oops’ and resulted in a walk of shame doesn’t mean that you can only hang out at 3am after you’ve both gone and done your own thing. Turn your sleepovers into slumber parties and make your time together more personal.

I’ve still never met “throw up boy” personally, but when I see him around campus all I can picture and smell is his vomit in my trunk.

Fill us in, girls! Do you have any sleepover horror stories? What do you do: kick him out the night of or let him stay over and possibly wait for a breakfast invitation?

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