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Do Women Seek Attention Through Their Choice Of Dress

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About a week or so ago, I woke up feeling spontaneous and sexy, so much so that I made the decision to wear a dress–a spandex body con type dress to be exact. While I’ve always been pretty on point attention-wise, being in New York, my attention has become much more keen and alert. Needless to say, I noticed I gained A LOT of unwanted attention and the writer in me began to think. I thought about all the men who push the idea that women seek the attention they receive because of her choice of dress.

As I thought about it I really began to analyze the situation and I came up with this: there’s two types of women in this world: those that crave attention, and those that repulse it. The attention seekers make up the portion of women who actually do seek attention through their choice of clothing.

We know the woman that is not shy by any means, embraces her curves and has the, “God gave me this body, so why not show it off while I’ve still got it” mentality, do we not? These women generally don’t mind attention, and either openly receive the stares, gawks, honks, whistles and whatnot or fronts and repulses it yet brags about it amongst her friends. These women don’t only exist amongst your everyday associates, oh no. Celebrities seem to have increased this issue to the highest level of buffoonery possible. Don’t believe me? There are the Lady Gaga’s that walk the streets looking like this , the Amber Rose’s that do things like this, and even the Rihanna’s that purposely do things for the controversy factor. Personally, I feel like as long as you own a pair of breasts, you cannot tell me that you can remember to put on your $1200 dress, 20 carat diamonds and get your hair and make-up freshly done but forgot to wear a bra. Nope! You absolutely cannot tell me that, I refuse to believe it.

Now back to the matter at hand, if you are anything like me and tend to repulse the attention, it’s usually a rare condition where people will see you in second skin clothing, yeasty (a “creative” word for too tight) pants, underwear-less or in anything way over the top. Notice I said it’s rare, not never. You are the woman that finds it uncomfortable or disrespectful to be gawked at in such a way. You’re the woman screaming obscenities in your head when you hear, “Damn, baby! Is there any room in those jeans!” Let me make note that the fact that you find this uncomfortable and disrespectful does not mean you’re uncomfortable in skin, it just means you’d appreciate a simple compliment instead of an example of one.

In my quest for male feedback, I began questioning some of the males around the office and many of them said that they think it depends on the way a woman carries herself or the guy judging her. In other words, if she walks out of the house in next to nothing, popping her gum, switching just enough to knock a hip out of place and acting loud and belligerent, well maybe she is looking for it. But take a woman that carries herself in a classy manner that just so happens to wear something sexy yet subtle, she very well could’ve just wanted to feel sexy that day. No harm in that right?

I took to my Facebook page to pose this question and the feedback came as somewhat of a surprise to me after talking to the men around the office. The general response from the guys on Facebook, was that these women look for this attention. One even went as far as to call it a fact. Yes, a fact. Last time I checked, I thought a fact had to be proven, which in this case it clearly has not. I didn’t want to believe that grown men still thought this way but I figured maybe It’s just me. When I reflect on my small circle of friends I can point out some who clearly like the attention but front like they don’t, and there are some that generally do not look for attention through what they wear. To each his own, I’m just curious to hear your thoughts on the topic.

So what do you think, do women seek attention by their choice of clothing or does it depend?

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