Spring is finally here and we’ve cleaned out our closets, got rid of the clutter around the house, but what about our relationships?

We recently came across this article at and just had to share:

Now that the snow is no longer falling and our bare legs are finally reappearing, we can embark on that ages-old tradition enjoyed by hygienic people the world over: spring cleaning.

For most of us, this includes mopping up mud from the entryway, throwing out those raggety old long johns, donating servicable but unwanted jackets to the Goodwill, and recycling about fifty pounds of winter catalogs and magazines.

Ways to get the love you deserve.

After all this, however, there might be one additional task left to do in order to feel truly decluttered: tossing that sorry-assed boyfriend of yours to the curb.

Admit it. You’ve been wanting to do it for a while. You know you deserve better. Maybe you’ve just been putting up with him because he has a functioning space heater.

Well, ladies, you don’t need a space heater anymore. You need some respect and fun and affection and other things that this guy is clearly not giving you.

Would you change for a guy?

Not sure if you’re just in a slump or sitting knee-deep in trash? Fortunately, our friends over at the Huffington Post have written up a checklist to help you figure it out.

Included on the list:

1) You always feel crummy after you talk to him/her and guilty if you don’t talk to them.

2) He/she is really hard on you or judges you harshly.

3) You walk on eggshells around him/her.

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