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Americans have gotten a lot of flack over the years for being supersized, but our high rates of obesity may not be for the reasons we thought after all.Sure we eat too much, but it’s not how much we’re eating in one sitting, it’s what we’re eating throughout the day. According to a new study published by, portion control isn’t the main reason Americans are overweight. Much of our weight gain can be blamed on snacking.

Within the time frame the study was conducted, there was a 12% increase in portion size, versus a 29% increase in the number of snacks we consume. In the mid-2000s, government surveys show, the average American adult ate about 2,375 calories per day, nearly one-third more than he (or she) did in the late 1970s. What accounts for all those added calories?

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According to a new study, the biggest single contributor to the sharp rise in calorie intake has been the number of snacks and meals people eat per day. Over the past 30-odd years, the study found, Americans have gone from consuming 3.8 snacks and meals per day to 4.9, on average — a 29% increase. SOURCE

Doctors interviewed blame advertisements and the increased availability of snack foods for the problem. For clarity, the snacks the doctors are talking about aren’t fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s the potato chips, candy bars, cookies, etc. that are doing us in.  I’ve never really been a fan of chocolate or potato chips, so this has never been my issue. But there’s a reason I don’t keep Golden Oreos and Spree candies in the house!


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