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Beyonce covers the UK’s latest edition of the Sunday Times where inside she talks about being the first woman to headline the Glastonbury music festival and being born a star.

On headlining Glastonbury festival:

“I am very, very nervous. But it feels so good to know I still can feel so out of my element. Yes, I saw Jay conquer Glastonbury and I was also a bit nervous because of the controversy. And he just completely took over. I saw the advice. I don’t have to ask. The best way is to see it for yourself. I’ve spoken with Bono and Edge, who’ve given me tips. And of course Chris Martin has given me tips and Gwyn’s given me tips, so we’ll see. I’ve been there behind the scenes and I had the time of my life. I hope it rains. I want it muddy. I want to ditch the heels and put on my wellies. I just want to make sure that I deliver. I’m sure it’ll be one of those memories I’ll take with me to my grave.”

On her growth:

“It happened gradually. I didn’t wake up one day and, one album, two albums later, say, ‘Now I’m a star.’ I had to grind it out, probably more than any artist I know. Destiny’s Child traveled in coach. We were sharing rooms and fighting over phones, even with multiple No. 1 singles. We worked so hard. Sixteen-hour days. Everything that I’ve done, I’ve worked so hard for, until my toes are bleeding. And no complaints. I think the more you have to work for something, the more you cherish it. Every time I think about doing something silly or something that’s going to be detrimental to my career, I think about everything I built and all that time I sacrificed.

On fame:

“I think maybe a star is born. I was born to do what I do. It’s just too natural. There are certain things I do that nobody taught me. Nobody can teach you. It’s just, you are. I feel like we all are stars.”

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