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I’ve never been one to toot my own horn… but I’m as cool as a cucumber. Better yet, I’m as chill as a bowl of ice cubes in late December. That’s probably because I wear Equilibrio, jewelry embedded with frequencies that engage with my person to keep me at my center. So, instead of spending hours every morning brooding over how to achieve the most fashionable ensemble that my super-limited collegiate wardrobe will permit, I just wear yoga gear. And damnit, I wear it well. (I would love to insert pictures of myself wearing my Equilibrio Totem pendant here, but doing so would most definitely obstruct the low profile I work so hard to maintain).

Equilibrio, an Argentinean-inspired jewelry collection, is the first of what will hopefully be many country-specific jewelry collections created by Clarus Transphase Scientific, a company that, since 1991, has created body products using Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT), their first proprietary discovery. SRT, which for the past two decades has been enjoyed through Q-Link body pendants and, most recently, Equilibrio jewelry, amplifies and enhances the efficiency of electronic, chemical, and organic systems. Simply put, in terms of how all this science-talk pertains to the everyday man or woman, SRT enhances the quality of life for all who wear it, promoting less stress, more energy, and more focus. Who wouldn’t want their own personal energy system?

Designed by Federico di Alzaga for Clarus, Equilibrio jewelry implicates Argentine-Indian culture and the history of that homeland, bringing Andean designs to the modern world in the form of pendants, belt buckles, and cuff bracelets in silver and gold. The collection was created as an interpretation of the stars and planets seen through the eyes of ancient Indian tribesman and women of the Southern Andes. Native Andeans worshiped different forms of energy and believed in the synthesis of the powerful energy which balances earthly and spiritual beings.

There is, no doubt, an obvious connection between the forces believed to govern Andean life and the discoveries Clarus has made with SRT. Through Equilibrio, the energy of the Andes connects with the principles of SRT, which ultimately results in an exceedingly beautiful collection that appeals to both jewelry and health connoisseurs of all backgrounds. Please get familiar, and then invest in a pendant that speaks to you.

Never again do another sun salutation to let off any unwanted steam…unless, of course, that’s your thing. To each his own.

Stay tuned for an exclusive Hello Beautiful Q&A with Clarus CEO Richard Gray!