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Summer is in full swing, clothes are shedding and the weather is begging you to be in love. But how many of us are just too busy with school, work or kids to get out there and meet someone? Don’t let summer down just because online dating sites are too expensive and not guaranteed to match you perfectly.

BlackPlanetLove, BP’s free dating site, has been connecting thousands of Black singles online and you could be next. Have access to BP member profiles and really find out who they are. Scroll through personal information, pictures, blogs and even check out comments to see what others say about them.

Hassle free and won’t cost you a dime. How can you go wrong?

Here’s a success story from Latasha and Felix:

We met of course on BP. In March I was about to cancel my account because I got tired of the games but low and behold I waited a couple more days. The second day of me keeping my account I clicked on his profile just to see his picture because it was different from the rest. He mailed me and said hi and it started from there. We are in love and making future plans. We are in a serious relationship and we are inseparable. The word of God works for who works the word. We are one blessed couple.

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Now get your summer romance rollin’ and check out who’s been waiting for you on BlackPlanetLove

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